• Stunna


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  • OG Big daddy Snuffle lufficans


  • Black Shady

    DJ SKEE tho???? im sure he coulda scored a deal with MMG

    i wanna see my nigga Nips win….but i dont see it happening

  • Dave

    This song is dope. But it came out a year ago – you’re telling me they had a year and this is the best they could come up with? video is trash

  • Mike

    @Dave this song came out in November of 2011 not a year ago

  • Dave


    That video was posted April 2011, when this joint came out

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  • Night of the living fred

    Only good thing about the video are the women, horrible beat, wack played out lyrics. Nips old “bullet with no names” was dope. Nice hooks etc but all the mixtapes I’ve heard since suck ass.

  • aj

    This is fire. Y’all are haters. Smooth beat, good flow and nice looking women. What you want fools?

  • S/O @Dave Doing His HW Though [@Mike #UMad]

  • Andrei

    Great video for a good track. Enjoyed listening to it and hoping to get some other good musci from Nipsey. If anyone wants the lyrics for this track you can get them at the link bellow.


  • rodger