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  • JustMyOpinion

    Sh*t rappers say:

    Yeah, my album coming out this year. *blank stare*

    He’s never coming out with an album. The “drop a single” rapper. HAs he broken the record for most singles dropped by a rapper?

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  • fastflipper

    co sign

    album never gonna drop

    diddy gonna use him and french for ciroc promo

    im pretty sure he’s not even paying them

    and yeah the girl in blue is wack

  • OG Big daddy Snuffle lufficans

    Detox will drop before a Red Cafe album drops.
    Hell, Jae Millz will drop an album before Red Cafe drops an album.
    muhfuggas should save all that jewelry money & invest dat into sumn
    cuz fuckin with Puffy well getchu Killed, In Jail or joining some religion
    and falling the fuck off the face of the earth.

  • HoldonPlayer

    He looks crazy in that extra young shirt. This dude needs a stylist bad. He been giving us the same look for 5 years. Diddy will get his album out at some point but nobody will buy it or care. I don;t think cafe cares. He just wants to have a song out to do shows and pay bills. You can tell. No substance and he just follows current trends.


    Red Cafe cant drop an album because if he does he flop harder than Vado and Yo Gotti. You need fans to drop and album and Red Cafe doesn’t have many…