Jay-Z “So Ghetto” At Carnegie Hall

You gotta love, B-Side Hov. When Jay made his way to the balcony in Carnegie Hall on Monday, he performed 10 seconds of “So Ghetto” before diving into a medley. Should’ve left the durag on.


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  • roger
  • Money33

    Was Bleek there hyping? Because it aint no Jay Z show without Bleek in his du rag.

  • roger
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  • 1oPOwer000

    YMCMB a business and a lifestyle…

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    You will never see Wayne wack ass headline Carnegie Hall.

  • Me

    Never say Never Wayne will pop up anywhere on yo ass

  • hold up so he preformed on is way to the stage

  • B.Dot

    after wards

  • Man

    History made. Major props to jay z. It would be great if wayne and jay do a song together again. Mr carter and hello brooklyn are great tracks

  • Kunta Kente

    I heard Alicia Keys gave Nas head on Carnegie Hall stage with a orchrastra behind him with Swizz Beatz in the audience. And Jay-Z old ass performed in a wheel chair.

  • Messanger

    Respect Rapradar!!


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  • Face It

    ^ *DEAD*

  • Man

    @Messanger. First of all learn how to spell messenger. Second get the fuck off this site

  • King Of NY

    @kunta kente Thats 100% correct. Alicia Keys sucked Esco dry right on stage.

  • the void

    she said “esco lets go!”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Vol. 3 is a classic album. Great song by the way. I remember walking to Circuit City to buy this cd back in 1999 in the morning.

  • Devastation Inc.

    You can say what you want to.
    But how many Rappers will Headline
    and sellout Carnegie Hall at Forty-
    something years old. On top of that it’s
    not a retirement party, it’s cause he could.

  • Negrito

    that was dope

    Jigga my nigga rhyme all nite ~DMX

  • i’ve seen Jay perform like 4 or 5x in my life and he has never done “so ghetto” to my recollection. One of my fav songs off Vol. 3.

    I was wondering why Bleek was not on stage rocking with him. Jay did his thing without him though

  • moe-luv

    medley’s are bullshit

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