• John

    Good tape, I like it.

  • archbishopdesmondtutu

    This shit Banging top to bottom! More willie rap radar please!

  • rahrahrah

    For those who don’t know. Go to datpiff.com and download or stream willie the kid, “the crates”. Phenomenal! Up there with Distant Relatives in terms of multiple listens. Can’t wait to get home and listen to this.

  • Get Real

    The magic of J Dilla is showcased again. Took an average rapper and made him hot w/ his beats. #greattape

  • this nigga has been a problem…..checc out his tape “The Cure 2”

  • Bill the Butcher

    My word…. this Willie the kid is one of the coldest rappers ever! 1st time hearing his shit!