• Obama

    I hope this dude negotiated some back-end on his Entourage contract cause his music career is looking grim… And those cheesy digital snowflakes aren’t helping any…

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  • D


  • D

    @obama fuck you talkin bout? did you even watch the video?

    dumb ass

  • Rizz

    gsnt is one of the best hip hop albums last year

  • Gabriel

    Quality hip hop!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow @ the 1st comment. SMH

    This is an amazing track, you know what, just when you wanna turn your back on this thing called Hip-Hop. There’s a guy called Saigon who puts his heart into the music, whereas you have no problem spending your hard-earned dollars. Congrats, great artist.

  • dll32

    great track +1