New Video: Yelawolf “Marijuana”

[vodpod id=Video.16064913&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Yela keeps his momentum going and lets a new video loose for us to light up to. Directed by Figz and Mr. Wolf himself. Smoke one and pick up Radioactive now.


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  • The Mothership

    Where’d this come outta??

  • moveOva

    this video is crazy ….mad old song tho but its wateva

  • MadShot

    Reminds me of GTA SA.

  • vejs23


  • RRsoldier

    i wonder if any off the rapradar employees smoke

  • mattattack

    that video is legit

  • Yella and Fig did they thang…this shit look like a mini movie.

  • joe nasty

    am i the only one who thinks yelawolf is whack?

  • No but you should be Joe

  • Berklee

    FREE BIRD!!!!!

  • The Guy

    @joe nasty


    Dope ass video.

  • realtalk

    yelawolf and freddie gibbs oughta do a track together.

  • RB

    Yelawolf Dope

  • Word this is fire.. Too bad Yela doesnt even smoke.. hes a tru red neck strictly brewskis

  • Yela is sick. I saw him in New Orleans last Sept. and he KILLED it. His songs are playing in my car, in my house, in my bar at work, and in my shower. Buku Fest in New Orleans is going to be outta control!

  • Tanya

    I know marijuana, and I know shabu, I have both plants since I was a child. Both are medicinal plants.

  • 11.2.11

    I’m the bird, whatever I have it’s yela. I’m doing rounds in Alabama, I’m high and I go to our own only, I am doing organizational chart.

  • 11.2.11

    I came from Oklahoma, and now I’m in Florida and all over Alabama, don’t distract me I am the Falcon, I am doing segregation with all birds, the racing pigeon is my own, but it hate the doves, and the grey doves. The black crows are enemy. The roosters are enemy. I’m looking for my dogs first, they look like forest wolves. Where are they? Why are we speaking here?

  • 11.2.11

    All of you are rods. I’m the bird. we are all in Alabama.

  • 11.2.11

    Q is with me all the time we are inseparable. We carry each other.

  • 11.2.11

    These are everyone’s attendance in Alabama, I’m the Falcon with Q. Q1 Josh, Q2 Steph, Q5 Justin, Q6 Patrick, Q7 Jonathan. All of you are rods.

  • 11.2.11

    It’s time. 6211782. I will check the attendance.

  • 11.2.11

    We are complete attendance. Everyone will enter vicinity right now. We are in civilization inside Alabama, we are in Florida. All of you are taxi. I am the only tower the light is Q.