• Herman Cain

    MGK real hip hop

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Dude got talent, too bad he’s sign under diddy. That’s a career dead end.

  • HoldonPlayer

    MGK is signed to Interscope. Who gave him to Diddy. He will be okay. Diddy will not be able to derail his career. The Cafe dude is the one who will not get support.

  • Former Bad Boy Employee

    Let me tell you motherfuckers something Diddy begs his new artist to sign them to 360 slave deal.

  • Debolik

    Mile High City (Rack City Remix) –> http://snd.sc/Aq90Tw

    Shit Bangs^^^ Check It Out

    Doesn’t Disappoint i went harder than Tyga on this

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  • Herman Cain

    MGK true to the hip hop game anayone who against MGK is the reason hip hop is dead

  • Herman Cain

    lil greg that freestyles bogus