New Mixtape: Pill The Epidemic

What seems like forever is now here. After dropping a string of leaks, P-I Double L finally releases his mixtape, The Epidemic. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

1.Movin Out
2.Parkin Lot ft. Twista
3.All On Me
4.Im So Player
5.Its So Hard
6.Shawty N Them Hoes (Skit)
7.Scarface (Freestyle)
11.Why It Gotta Be Like Dis (Mama)
12.Down For My Niggaz
13.Chill Out
14.New Clothes N New Shoes
15.Heaven Only Knows (Freestyle)
16.Head To Da Sky

Download here

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  • 1 feature?? This can’t be real life….

  • wont be downloading this trash

  • lol

    wasnt this supposed to be his album? mmg stay winning, pill stay losing

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    SMH were it not for ross i would’ve scrolled past this post, niggas stay ungreatfull, & i’m not even a ross fan like that

  • GrimGenius

    pill should have just waited his turn on mmg, he could have released a shitload of mixtapes to build a stronger buzz…….weezy did it, j.cole did it, big sean & curren$y did it, so whats the proble?

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  • Get Real

    After 4 tracks I’ve heard enough to stop listening. This can’t be life for Pill, right?

  • fuk waka

    i refuse to listen to it since he is not with the cops no more..

  • buddy

    this shit actually sound good

  • MMG #1fan


  • Name Ross

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  • Tru Talk

    Fuck all u people taht support the fakest label ever MMG

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  • Rick Ross

    As a going away gift, I paid for this post. Good luck, Pill! You surely are better than me. I refused to let you shine! RUH!

  • yodaddybrother

    shit fire as hell

  • rick ross tight rest of them wont last too long

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