• jeanius

    shout out to cory gunz talkin to prodigy for some advice cuz he bout to do the same bid

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  • da bul

    this beat is not haunting, you must be listening to hell on earth

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  • Debolik

    Mile High City (Rack City Remix) –> http://snd.sc/Aq90Tw

    Shit Bangs^^^ Check It Out

    Doesn’t Disappoint i went harder than Tyga on this

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  • Frontrunner


  • Protest

    This Hustle Hard Flow shit HAS to die… I can’t even listen to rap anymore without hearing the same flow. I can’t fuck wit it

  • Watup

    what the fuck is this supposed to be? iam a die hard P fan, but where is that grimey shit he used to spit, this shit just sucks.

  • Black Shady

    This shit gonna be the wackest of all 3 HNIC……wow

  • Watup

    this is gonna be total shit. hnic 2 was grimey as fuck, while hnic 1 is just a timesless classic, but this is some gayshit

  • Das

    2dope2betrue! #mobbdeep

  • Messanger



    Are you targeting Japan?

    I have more than 18,000 Japanese followers. If you need my help, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • the void

    at least HNIC3 is just a mixtape, right?

  • RealHipHopBack

    Fuck yall talking bout? This shit is tight

  • matrix

    yall niggz must be smokin angeldust cuz yall buggin the fugg out this shit was bangin P Spittin on this shit chuuuch…

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    This shyt is Royal yall have some lavish opinions ..on some weak shyt..

  • Homie

    Prodigy and Cory Gunz? How ironic, coincidental, and tragic.

  • say word

    i fucks wiy hav on da beats but why i hear a clams casino influence on dis tracc

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