New Video: Phonte “The Good Fight”

You got it bad? Well Phonte sure knows how to put up a good fight for the 99ers. Directed by Kenneth Price and produced by 9th Wonder. Do remember, Charity Starts At Home here.

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  • hiphopFan

    This is Real Hip HOp right here…. i appreciate it when rappers take time out to talk about real life ish

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  • I dig it. Cheers to NC Hip-Hop. Grown Man shit.

  • dope

  • New Tiggalo, New Tiggalo, New Tiggalo

  • dll32

    Nice ! True Hip Hop. I can tell.

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  • Fuckin awesome, landed in my list @ spotify quicker than a virgins cumshot in his pants

  • Ym

    Great song… Finally some steady shots again in a hiphopvideo! Price got it!

  • Homie

    I’ve said it 20 times but, this song is so fucking dope. Phonte spits consistent heat .The vid aint half bad either.

  • FTW

    Phon Tigga spit (c)

    This is one of my favorite tracks off the album. Besides Kings with BIg Krit, and Ev.

    Fuck it the whole shit is just so dope.

    New Tiggalo FTW

    Why yall faggot ass niggas couldn’t find me on Monday ? (c)

  • truth

    Shame on me for only realizing now how nice Phonte is on mic. This really is grown man rap.

  • Mr.Swayze

    this is what i need to hear on the radio!Real talk! This is grown man shit not no bullshit that they got on today!….big fan on Phonte…keep that good music comin…Class is in session fuck niggaz(aka swag rappers/wannabe dope boyz and gangstas) pay attention u might learn something!……………………gone

  • Smoove

    Cap City!!!!! Raleigh [email protected]!!!!!!!!!