Shaheem Reid Interviews Rick Ross Pt.1

After the release of Rick Ross’ mixtape, Rich Forever, Shaheem Reid went one-on-one with The Bawse. He speaks on the project, the success of Maybach Music Group as well as signing Wale and Meek Mill. Pretty insightful stuff. Directed by Dre Films.

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  • Biittcchh!

    I must say.. When you go down the Line.. MMG has cemented themselves as not only one of the best groups/labels of today.. But their beat selection is up there with the greats.. Deathrow, Wu Tang, Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, Diplomats, Cash Money.. The beat selection is IMPECCABLE..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jay-Z voice: When does your lies end? When does the truth begins?

  • Not A Fan

    How long has MMG been going and how many successful artists and albums have they put out???????????

    It’s all just Smoke and Mirrors

  • Jasså

    Damn I hate this dude and Khaled equally…
    They both think that they`re gods and nothing can touch them…. They simply think they`re the best of the best.

    I hope theese dudes gets a fucking heartattack… Hiphop would be better of without them.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “The beat selection is IMPECCABLE”…But the lyrics are deplorable. Dudes only listen to William cause of the beat. He’s a great Comedian.

  • don key

    he a boss but big meech had him drop half a mill for using his name n organization

  • joe

    this guy shaheem reid is a bigger rick ross groupie than elliott wilson. success of MMG? meek mill has no album, wale’s was good, that’s it

  • Get Real

    The Rozay hate on his RR posts are “IMPECCABLE” sheesh. You’d think y’all got paid by the hate comment tho.

  • DJ Scream (MMG)


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  • Sc_R

    Meek Mill had the song of the summer last year fuck a album why are niggas talkin like albums still matter dream chasers was a fuckin album Ross building an empire nigga got teedra moses lol

  • wow

    Marketing is bananas

  • Santa

    lol @ShaheemReid twitter page

  • Dopebizzy


  • Name Ross

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  • kallywood

    700 pounds in that screenshot.

  • steems

    Rozey has the most haters in the game, almost as much haters as Jayz…This guy Rozey is clearly working hard and bring out music and is building his own empire but ppl hate him and call him fake. NEWSFLASH, all these rappers are fake. I remember when Biggie use to get this much hate smh. You got dudes wishing Rozey catch a heart attack, are you serious? u hate him that much? Its wicked out here…Keep doing ya thing Rozey, let them get their hate on!


  • BlackAnastasia

    Once again,this nigga Ross gets all the praise,but his last 2 albums didn’t even go Gold.Wale Flopped and nobody will buy a MeekMill album in Mass numbers so what Empire are we talking about?Give me 1 successful artist off of MMG including Ross?Where is Jezzy?Ross dissed you on Rich Forever.

  • Niggas embarresed

    Payola at its finest. Label promotes artist label pressures media managers in the industry. Industry takes the moolah and artist is promoted

    One fourth of americans are retarded and Thats his market. Muthafuckas that dont know shit unless its fed to them. Shady already let fat fuck know he is on his shitlist with that jeezy hook. Shits about to come full circle in a hot minute yo

  • The Mak

    If your sick of these guys dick riding ross, khaled and all the other fake rappers visit

    Imagine this site, without the dick riding

  • Dope Ass Interview Rick Ross Makes Great Music Classic Music……………MMG

  • roZay

    legends like chuck d,nas,rae,ghostface,kool g rap,mobb deep,jay z,8b&mjg,ugk all fuk wit and respect ross.who r we?haters on the internet.*bumps ross’ grab the beltloop*

  • Foekist

    I haven’t been able to respect Ross ever since the PO facts came about. But the fact is, this guy is making history. He must be doing something right. Cracks me up to read so many negative comments about dude. But when his CD drops he will still do crazy numbers.

    All that said, I couldn’t imagine spending more than an hour with this dude. His personality is way outta wack. Dude needs to lay of that wacky backy for a while…

  • kayandgee

    to all the rick ross haters, track 5 off richforever mixtape is especially for you!