New Video: Trav x Jim Jones “No Church For Hustlers”

To accompany their recent take on The Throne’s track, Trav and Jomo let the cameras roll for an in-studio performance. Who needs a measurement converter? Pay attention.

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  • That was beyond boring. In-studio performance videos used to be cool because you got a more intimate view of the recording process of star artists.

    But when the performance consists of 2 dudes just sitting/standing around spittin a few lines over something someone else produced……where’s the part where we’re supposed to be interested

  • B Hop

    Jones is not aging well.

  • Black Shady


  • smh

    jones is a horrible rapper…he is just a genius at selling himself n gettin ppl to buy into his bullshit! and his ad-libs are extra horrible….seriously who can listen to a whole jim jones album?? NOBODY!!

  • fastflipper

    trav is looking like jay z


    This is nice track!!


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  • They

    Ross Radar in the building, STAND UP! If you watch closely, at the 2:50 mark you’ll notice this entire video is actually a subliminal message urging you to purchase everyone of Rick Ross’ albums.

  • Dman

    non of these niggas r gonna top joeys effort so they should jus leave it alone

  • ^ Agree. Joe murdered this beat.

  • Duc

    why does Trav sound like Cory Gunz??

  • BlackAnastasia

    Kim Jones is supposedly a JayZ Antagonist,but yet he continues to dick ride from the sideline.What happened to that JayZ Clone NOE?FOH.