• JustMyOpinion

    Hmmmm, wonder why this wasn’t sold out? Hmmmm

  • Black Shady

    @Big Homie
    @Amaya or whatever her/his/its name is

    yall need to post those MTV HOTTEST MCs VIDEO from the RR player or youtube. A nigga cant watch them from the other side of the border. Would appreciate

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Who the fuck listens to this guy?

  • Ben_Dover

    Wait but he wasn’t nominated for 1 grammy……Aint him and William the best in the game rite now???


  • Yall trippin.. I fuxx wit 2Chainz..#Team2Chainz all day

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  • Man

    @Ben_Dover Actually rick ross was nominated for a grammy…arent you a dumbass