• TROLLiver

    only niggas are going to tape a radio interview and post the shit with loud ass ignorant music playing over everything….

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  • veesky

    Ignorance at it’s finest.

  • lmaaaoooo @ trolliver. 1

  • Sam I Am

    Alley Boy is a bitch ass coward and a blemish to the streets. Case closed.

  • Ricky Retardo

    HUH??? no really what did this nigga just say?

  • Jason

    Lame ass nigga if you ask me. Really beating around the bush about this sneak dissing.

  • Say this in Young Jeezy’s Voice

    im hunting ducks now….. like im playin duck hunt,
    strap aint a toy doe…. these nigga lost mannn….
    i aint worried bout these niggaz
    i aint yung LELANNNND…. might catch me off in Austinnnnn, like im duck hunting…..
    but im in the A….. strapped with full auto K

  • H-town

    Boiii stop!!!

  • haha meech is just using this illiterate clown for some appeal money

    youre a pawn alley boy, dont forget that

    jeezy is not yung la

  • Say this in Young Jeezy’s Voice

    yung la = Leland Austin


  • Jaymals

    ignorant at its finest!

  • M.T


  • #fuckabitch

    Alley who ?

  • Fat Matt

    this dude is dumb

  • um…..so he’s dissing Jeezy and T.I. now? didnt i see a video on RR where he said he wasn’t dissing anyone? Wow Alley Boy…Wow…

  • he clearly smarter than he lets on but FUUUUCK!!! he is about to warp these young minds ASAP

    everyone should read FREEDOM FROM THE KNOWN

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  • slick

    i hate when new niggas diss before they prove they can rap

  • TA

    why post this when you cant hear shit this nigga say? smh

  • Laith

    if people listen to his new mixtape i think they would start liking him , mixtape got alotta good songs..talks mainly about his struggle no swag talk or flashing money and jewelry..

  • Really Doe?

    LMAO, so basically he mad cause T.I. wouldn’t acknowledge him??? smh niggas is catchin feelings like females nowadays.

  • Black Shady

    Who is this nigga?

  • BN(Blackest Nigga)

    Can’t diss them when they actually have a career and sell records. Jeezy killed you own both of your own songs Pocket Full Of Money and Four…..wait who is Alley Boy?

  • ICUP

    Looks like someone wants attention. No one knows Alley Boy out of Atlanta. Jeezy and Tip got buzz across the globe

  • yodaddybrother

    That’s what an OG does….he reaches out to your OG to solve the situation. General to General….not General to foot soldier.

    Alley Boy is not too bright. He was talking about taking it to the streets….T.I. just got out of jail and he stated clearly on several occasions that he is not going back to jail.

  • the void

    i like alley boy and his brother trouble but they are wack for that lame diss. i hope jeezy stays out of it and lets the cte niggas go at them.

  • the void

    he wanted attention and it worked.

  • Collar Cali

    WTF is this N-Word talking about? Lame @$$…. stay in’ya lane with all that… the only song I even bump of dude is the one w/ Jeezy on it..Jeezy the only reason I listened 2 it 2 begin with.

  • H-town

    Haven’t we seen this before with shawty Lo… And look what happened to him( Looking for a sweet lick, This is the wrong place man-Tip)

  • Dont throw rocks and hide ya hands bruh, first the song wasn’t about them, then it was but “I don’t have a problem with them”, now its fuck them the songs is about them because I have a problem with some things they said and did… Yung LA made this nigga think it was sweat, he never dealt with BIG time rap niggas and you can tell in his voice that he is uncomfortable talking about the shit because he can’t get his story straight “I don’t wanna get into all that” please TIP end this fuck niggas career by signIng Trouble…. dude would be salty as fuck lol

  • No comment but its cte or nothin…. Nothing nigga tm103 just went gold while he cant gey 25000 free mixtapes downloaded

  • bylaw99

    When will this young niggas learn that you cant pick go to war if your money aint right…Pac told you niggas years ago, get your money up before you commit career suicide.

  • sbrom

    Sounds pointless, he’s just making drama that’s not there. I heard a Future joint with T.I., “Magic”, the video just dropped too check it out http://bit.ly/wC4slX

  • Real Reconize Real

    DTE THE MOB !!! Man Jeezy And T.i Cannot Fuck With Them Simple As That Hands Down RNS .