Lloyd Banks “Shock The World” In NYC

This past weekend, Banko performed at the System Nightclub in NYC. Up top is some footage of him giving his first live recital of one of Cold Corner 2‘s stand out tracks. Shocked?

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  • Fan of banks, but he’s in a Kevin Garnett situation… you can only be loyal for so long man… he needs a better situation… His last mixtape was very good… no promotion/video or anything…

  • Banks’ my fav. , that’s 4 sure
    … I dont know about the new situation, he’s good with the money .. he just needs a bigger push from the label (not sure if you meant this as “new situation”) …
    I think HFM2 was under-shipped and was sold out in most places.. not sure thou…

    anyway … the PLK is hot, no matter the weather ! pow

  • I was saying he needs a better or situation, or get a better push from the current situation that he is in…. I kno he got a new deal awhile back, but I don’t know what it’s doing for him…. I’m just saying he is an ill writer IMO, his music should have a bigger impact overall

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    PLK is back the kid is a beast.

  • Jamel

    50 took him out the hood and around the world and gave him a platform now its up to Banks

  • seemoregan

    c/s Jamel… even Banks said that it’s time for him to carry 50. Kinda like how Kanye did Jay or how Drake and Nicki is doing Wayne. Banks is too lazy!

  • PAP

    “the television caters to POP, not violent hits/ the unit aint fall off, its all politics” damn he spit that in 08! I got his last mixtape, homie can reallyy spit n put together songs. unfortunately he wont ever get a fair shot at the spotlight becuz he’s guilty bt association with gunit

  • Did anybody ever think it’s not Banks 50 or record label push that is lazy but yet a core hiphop consumer that is lazy…!!!! thats the reason in all of hiphip 5 or 6 people sell records its funny that people say banks needs a push but yet you heard hunger for more 2 for free knew it was hot and didnt support the album by buying it not saying that banks 50 and records deals dont have nothing to do with it .. but hiphop broke lazy ass fans that want everything free is whats fucking up these albums dying on there feet the most…

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Banks is really striving w/o 50 tho. As much as I’d like them to do much more songs together, Banks been touring in the States and Overseas since HMF2 came out. I think he is looking for a new situation as far as distribution and promoting go because EMI did under-ship dude. He has talent no doubt, 50 needs to utilize it instead of those other bums.

  • JAY-Z

    Great performance!!!


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  • Black Shady