New Video: 360 “Don’t Let Up”

“All you rappers coming up, got a month to get it straight/ This the infomercial, you’ll get ripped in 30 days”

Fair warning. 360‘s not letting up and for his new video, he and his crew hitch a ride through Queens on the 7 Line. New York may be in good shape after all. Directed by The Dark Nyte. #Foot2NeckSeason, bitch.

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  • Tommy Hotstep

    Wasn’t feeling his other shit but this I cosign

  • Peekay


  • The !llest

    That line was hard.

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  • D

    preety dope

  • I been in that store.That’s in Jamaica Queens.This is cool.Love the LL beat.this is official


    yeah, i’m checkin for this dudes music after that J.Cole track. this dude got lyrics and delivery. this beat sounds super oldschool. like 1980s vibe.

  • bitch im me

    Co sign… dope vid

  • he so extra regular though. rapradar could pay bills with sponsored posts and still be cutting edge by breaking music with the IT factor. hire an intern whose only job is to find the best undiscovered rap. taking the money route will always highlight d-boys and rich kids cuz most true artists dont have access to a disposable income… singlehandedly slowing down the evolution of music

  • Yeahh



  • Anon DCPL

    Dope music but can he change his name tho? When I read the titles the only thing that comes to mind is an XBox.

  • bitch im me

    dude actually got talent tho maybe rap radar is pushing his shit free off the strength that he’s nice. You sound like a bitter rapper bro. step ya grind up and maybe you could be somebody

  • B.Dot

    @Anon DCPL

  • Berklee

    @adrian soooo true.
    @bitch in me: u sound like 360.

  • MoveOn

    ^ lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

  • Jason

    This nigga is average at best but it doesn’t matter since rapradar will force us to listen to him by constantly posting his music until the majority of the viewers are convinced they like him SMDH

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  • @bitch im me …i do alright. i just didn’t wanna declare a problem without offering a solution
    @Yeahh we know you sleep. you didnt have to type that

  • King Foamposite

    This video/song is hotttt! I’ve been following 360 since that J Cole footage….daaaa boi got skills….I can’t wait for the album :p

  • Mr.November

    The Queens version of Meek Mill lol

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  • rnb

    Masterpiece and a great video!

  • Juda Macabee

    Hot! @RapRadar, when is this guy dropping something? Lets get some info.