New Mixtape: Jon Connor The Blue Album

Love is in the air and Jon Connor’s new mixtape is on the Internet. Inspired by Jay-Z’s sixth solo album, the player features Jon’s take on some of Hov’s classics. Tracklist and download link after the cut.

Download here

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    If i want The Blueprint, i’ll just listen to The Blueprint, these new niggas ain’t foolin no one ol i’m too lazy or not talented enough to come up with my own shit so i’ll go the pseudo tribute route to get noticed ass niggas FOH !

  • Pharoah

    this kid is gonna be one of the greatest!!

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  • RealNigga

    Your mother’s “friend”
    Jon Connor is dope listen to his last tape

  • Tony Brown

    Cant get pass Rulers Back! this tape sounding classic!

  • Bonobo

    Your mothers friend

    Normally Bonobo is agreeing with you. However
    Jon Connor is too damn good to speak of like that

    Want a perfect introduction to him?
    Go YouTube the song Epic
    If you ain’t a fan after hearing that, you don’t like hip hop. It’s as simple as that.

    Tape is dope. I’m half way done listening

    Ps. He just released a mixtape called season 2 it’s unbelievable

  • Asha 2

    straight re-freshing!!!!

  • Jd

    Yo This Best Thing Ive Heard So Far This Year

  • Jhol810

    Your mothers “friend” = top 5 dumbest people I’ve never met. And nice name squirrel, I’ll bet his fake G-shock he’s never been laid. The tape is hott, Connor is NASTY over those Hov beats. Get on board now so you’re not dick ridin’ all a sudden later with your uninformed ass, retard.

  • Really Great Mixtape ! Song Cry Dope Track !

  • MidWest King

    This mixape is too fucking sick! Fuck WHOEVER HATING!!!!

  • Johhny T

    Man this shit bang from in to out!!! Best In The World! Indeed

  • Big Red

    Somebody sign this kid!!!!!

  • Murda Mitten

    FLI CITY in this motherfucker!!! This nigga Dominates any and everything! EASY

  • Real Talk

    did this in five days? thats just crazy

  • Bonobo

    Just finished. Bonobo loves this tape. His whole movement. Not the just the songs. Not jus the 3:45

    This dude is the truth
    How long till the people will recognize ?

  • dan

    i love how someone said he was lazy. this is a mixtape. lazy people don’t put out free stuff. Im sure when he comes out with an album it will be his original shit and season 2 his last mixtape was pretty much all original material.

  • Tinytoon

    This Blue Album mixtape goes so hard, dude is grinding so hard, he just released a mixtape like 2 months ago. Man, I promise he’s better than most out here parading around like they the “one”, naw this dude is “THE ONE”


    Right now he is the best in the world. 10x better than any of that garbage on the radio. He is also the hardest working, I don’t even need to go into details for the dumbass in the first post. He is putting out more free music, and you are commenting on how lazy he is without even listening to the tape….hmmm…yup he is the lazy one.

    Keep killing it my dude #BestinTheWorld

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