New Music: Ja Rule “Black Vodka”

Vodka usually goes down smooth, but for Ja’s new recording, bring a chaser. After a few listens, the hook might reel you in, but that’s about where it stops. Nevertheless, Pain Is Love 2 drops on February 28th.

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  • Luks

    Ja is dead man… who the fuck likes Ja nowadays !?!?!?
    this is worse than Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe”
    I hope this nigga make some good music so he can eat man… SMFH !

  • brollya

    i fucks wit this……

  • DrDreBeats

    Its pretty good

  • D

    man this is a solid record

    dope shit

  • Belize

    this is cool..

  • wow

    fire been bumpin it for monthes now shout out 7 on the beat

  • Jack mehoff

    Yeahh nice track! But this has been out for like 5 months now!

  • Feelin this one

  • wickwickwack

    flow on beat is straight …lets get drunk an valentines day lol

  • oj da Cornball

    Last I checked only Jesus rose from the dead.

  • This is good… Ja may have something. Low tone in his singing. No need to shout and try to hit a high note… This is manly singing.

  • Luks

    Oj da Cornball… LOL !!!

    Ok guys, I’m from brazil and the thing thats cool about some hip hop songs is that transends language barriers… thats why we like guys like Kanye West, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg… and i know some of you are into that faze wanna be gangsta and shit but the whole world does not buy that… so fuck Ja Rule, fuck Officer Ricky and fuck Gay Wayne…. trust me, hip hop would be good without those guys !

  • Berk

    again Rap Radar is trippin’ This right here, is hot!

  • GLB

    This beat sounds so 2002-ish. Nice!

  • Albo

    hip hop would be good without fans from Brazil “Luks”

  • bengy

    very laid back chill out tune. i can drink to this. 5/5

  • Keith

    Good jam. Some may hate on his singing voice, but I actually really like the raspyness of it. It’s sort of like Tom Waits in that sense.

  • Yung Silv

    fire nice song

  • Dale
  • Dale

    Check the samples ^^^

  • Johannes Mustermann

    This is a really good song! Keep up the good work, Ja Rule.

  • jibbs

    Ja makes records better than some tracks that pple like AMAYA wow abt. Journalism is nt al about criticism but honesty.