• Sam

    I still listen to Nicki’s ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ mixtape and wonder where that Nicki went. On that note, Billboard referred to Drake as an R&B singer this morning.

  • :shoulder shrug: Eh

  • Shade

    “After a few disappointing tracks released…”

    After? It’s still going…this is meh…I wish she would start rapping again….where is the 2010 Nicki that was killing everybody she featured on…even Jay-Z and Kanye!!

    What is this? I’m all for crossover but this is just wrong! Stop going pop nick please….

  • it’s not working…. There are like 1,000,000 songs out there that sound exactly like this…. it reminds me of the whole BMF beat thing when Ross and everyone else kept recyling the same beat and it only worked for a few…. sooner or later your fans are going to want more than the same shit over and over again and you’re going to have to find a way to set urself apart from everyone else to have longevity…. people may hate on a paul mccartney, nas, jay-z, beyonce, etc etc etc- any artist that has been out over 10-15 yrs. but there are reasons these artists are still selling and putting out music- they don’t conform to the b.s just because it works for 6 months

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  • DatBoySoulja


  • I am a fan and im always ready to defend my queen barbz but ipreferred her more when she was just killing it with hardcore real life rap music that alot people could relate to, as for going pop thats not a problem as being versitile is an amazing skill an lets face it pink friday went platinum so that speaks for itself an that was pop an i loved it, but all the singing screaming an horroR theatre productions even more foul lanuage is too much,shes loved by alot of kids and so as arole model i hope she tones down alittle.ROMANS REVENGE SEEMS LIKE ITS REVENGE TO NICKI BECOS ROMAN IS RUINING HER!

  • Nope

  • Chris

    Turrible… and yet, we all know it’s gonna be a MASSIVE hit.

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    What happen to this female……oh the money, thatz right!

    This some sell out make money crap.

    She cant even come back to the essence of hip hop no more. She went to far.

  • Watever

    rap radar you can officially stop covering this chick. she’s clearly not hip hop anymore.

  • required

    just QUIT

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “On that note, Billboard referred to Drake as an R&B singer this morning.”….That’s a fairly accurate. This chick is wack just a joke.

  • Trini

    I give up. What is this? The 5th whack song off of that album? This girl gets so much press, but her songs are not good.

  • Juice Daddy

    she cant sing

  • MaxD

    this is RAPRADAR not no tecno blogsite!! im tired of all these so called rappers that are crossing over to tecno n all that dance Bullshit!! … go to europe n make those kinda tracks but please leave them there!!

  • Donn

    Wheres the substance mann. cmon. Im done defending this chick. It was cool in the beginning but Im no stan. Music is over saturated with this bullshit smh. Her career is over

  • Sexiichicktoya

    Ok so Roman is karma for Nicki. He is going to take everything this bitch stole from Kim, Missy, Eve and the new girl Brianna. This shit is wack. Her performance was extra wack and demonic and I would prefer you guys take her off your radar this bitch is no longer hip hop

  • I need ecstasy to listen to this..

  • The Flyness.

    The Sadness.

  • Dell

    Let me tell you what happens next. Birdman pushes the album back because giving Nick too much creative control is back firing. They listen to the fans and come out with better music then we fall in love with Nicki again then she fucks up again next album. Same shit happens with everyone in YMCMB.

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  • stop frontin

    Where are the female rappers? That spot is open, but watch all the female wrappers try to follow nicki down this bull shot pop lane.

    Nicki sold out the fans that made her for them white dollars. Sucks to be yall

  • She needs to stop jocking Lady Gaga. Using her choreographer for that strange Grammy performance. Now she’s using Gaga’s producer to make a cookie cutter bullshit radio single. I’m not seeing longevity in her career.

  • Collar Cali

    @Errol Games EXACTLY!!!!

  • Sincere

    Cosign basically every comment. Versatility is good but she’s over saturating us with this pop stuff. Dear Old Nicki Please Come Back, alot of FANS (not haters) are dissappointed

  • @MaxD really tho, europe make real hiphop unlike USA.

  • jkhakl

    i didnt even hear the track and i know RedOne makes beats for Lady GAGA. fuck outta here

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    She uses then move on. First it was Fendi, then it was Waka’s Moms, then Diddy, then Kanye (with the Monster record and releasing her album same day as his) and of course by signing to YMCMB Wayne by default and now its Hip Hop itself. The goal is to next use Pop music and then move off from music all together and go straight Hollywood as actress. Her Grammy performance was actually a intro to her exiting out of the music game. Sorry hip hop ‘idiots’ that supported her so hard, you were being played all along

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  • moveOva

    NICKI MINAJ = FEMALE FLO RIDA…..that is all

  • Lmao you know you fucked up when even Donn wont defend you……..

  • Word

    This shit is fire right here. Stop hating on the queen of HIP HOP.

  • its a double cd, one side rap and other side is roman

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Lmao @ Word but foreal why are people acting like she was Nas or something, she’s always been a barely serviceable rapper the kind you might enjoy or tolerate the first listen but realize how corny & stupid her lyrics are the second listen

  • Word

    Lol nah but in all seriousness, she’s losing her fanbase day by day.

  • 783 movement

    @ZoomzoomDad, dude you trying to hard, R&B/Hiphop is a category for hip hop on billboard. You now living a lie just to validate your assumptions. Drake is on top period

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  • oj da Cornball


  • shifty212

    I don’t know what you all be hearing…. but the song sounds really good!

    Maybe b sides pop music she will have a few house songs on her album… 🙂

  • M.T

    Nicki fans were eat this up. She’s going extra pop+gimmicky with this album. Shes in Lady Gaga mode right now. This will probably make her even more popular.

  • ???

    *banging head on table* Goddamn…Goddamn…Goddamn… can we pleaaaaaase exit this era and FFWD to the next one ugh no matter what 90’s Lil Kim >>>>>>>> Nicki Minaj I don’t giva damn I can’t handle this pop-synth overly animated schizophrenic nonsensical bullshit n e more man bitch tryna be Gaga fuck outta here man

  • Black Shady

    LMAO……yall crazy. This is EXACTLY what Baby and Slim wants. The Big Money is with the pop audience.

    but this is super wack

  • NYNigga

    I fxck wit nickis raps but this pop shit is a poor look for her and the entire YMCMB

  • kev

    Wayne is caking off Nicki the same way Akon caking off Lady Gaga.. It’s Ridiculous how big Nicki is now..

  • zezzoi

    Will be a huge song.

  • i hate this shit like the rest of you….

    but get ready for the GOOD Music Album and Kanye’s new shit.
    that’s shits all gonna be electro. granted it will be more hip-hop influenced than this…

    but get ready for the european pop influence to jump into hip-hop…

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  • NotoriousRambo.


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