• Collar Cali

    Where the hell is Drakes & Nickis Ride? U know the MAIN paper Getters aside from Wayne…

  • Fact Checker

    Ummmm…is he aware that they just discontinued the Maybach line of cars? Yet he still paid FULL PRICE for one??? C’mon, Son! Negro Bafoonery!!! I try to give kudos to my brothers and sisters for the empires that they have built, but when you’re spending money without doing the research, then bragging about how much you spent for it, you clearly look like a fool. Aye yi yi. #wegottodobetter

  • Stunna

    what a hero! <3

  • Anon DCPL

    Lmao @ stunnter probably got this Maybach on a blue light sale since Mercedes discontinued the line.

  • Black Shady

    Birdman bought Nicki a watch….and Wayne/Mack/Slim get cars lmao

    true definition of a pimp LOL

    oh and that “CREW LOVE” song from Drake is mighty gay….

  • Money

    Drake been only with the crew for 3 years.. His loyalty haven’t been tested yet like lil Wayne Mack Maine and slim.. This ain’t no charity work, it’s business ! belee dat brurr 1 hundit

  • Birdham

    Da boss! Belee dat breeeh! 1hunn’

  • Donn

    This is all marketing. Everytime u see Cash Money what are they doing. Popping bottles, throwing and spending money, blah blah. Its all a marketing ploy to appear flashy and make ppl think a certain way about the image of the company

  • Sincere

    ^^^^ Boom

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    That boy Donn is learning. YMCMB is a Circus. Just gimmicks no talent.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ DONN

    well put.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Aww how cute, a lil valentine’s day gift from Birdman to Slim.


    i wanna see oprah buy a maybach with HD cameras rolling because it’s so flashy

  • Mj

    What’s the point, slim could have easily bought one himself if he really wanted to. Dont baby and slim BOTH run cash money?

  • Man

    Atleast Birdman gives a fuck about his people and gives them stuff

  • woop

    Should’ve never gave you niggas money!

  • Busta


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  • Zee

    @Donn said it best

  • foekist

    Birdman says money cant buy you love and respect, but yet with every chance he gets he has Derick G out with his camera… I mean, does he ever give someone a gift without Derick recordin it? So see through… Slim is OBVIOUSLY the brains. Shit, he has to be.

  • PAP


    most def, I never seen Slim with a piece of ice around his neck, stuntin like them other hip hop moguls. he looked very uninterested in this vid

    *when the camera cuts….*

    Slim: Baby, I hope you bought this piece of shit outta your pockets and not the company’s becuz if you didnt….you bout to get fucked up!

  • dodo

    wish I had that kind of money to pay off my student loans.

  • keepITup

    this niggas (birdman,slim,weezy) (mack maiine lives on weezy’s money so let him be ) so rich but dont do that much to their homecity neworleans?!?!??!?!?

  • keepITup

    why is SLIM always so laid back and now bout flashing his money…… lol i feel like his a devil behind the scenes,,,,, he probably that dude