• Boog

    I fux with Rocky and A$AP but…how are they gonna say they’re Trill…but don’t really know what Trill is. They don’t even know what city UGK is from…

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  • Drama



    Are you targeting Japanese market?

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  • ^^^Because he’ll eventually in the near future get his own cover so why waste it with some list that doesn’t mean much. You didn’t see Drake on any Freshman list… Name one Freshman that has had their own cover… ASAP already got complex and a few others…

  • Chan

    ASAP is cool for staying away from the mainstream rap scene. I understand and highly respect his decline for the magazine cover. Too many really dope artist get mainstream appeal and become really weak artists. ASAP is really really dope, I would hate for him to turn into another has been rapper because of a little fame. We can all thing of artists that fall into this category. Who are really badass on the underground scene then get really lame when they get a little bigger status. As an artist I understand that it is important to make money. I get that and I would never want anyone to make what they deserve. As a fan of hip hop and of music in general I like, I love my music pure. Unfortunately it is really hard to stay true on the mainstream circuit. In summary I respect my dudes opinion and for keeping it 100. Stay real, stay true, “Fuck this Industry… Bitch im in these streets.”