New Music: Busta Rhymes Ft. Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown “Why Stop Now (Remix)”

Why stop now? Busta cranks up the beat even further and adds Missy and Tunechi for the remix. It sure sounds good to hear Missy back.


UPDATE: Dirty version.

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  • Officer Ricky

    1st MMG!

  • that was Wayne’s last chance in my eyes, i’ve been a fan of his from the C2-C3 days when I was younger but that was absolutely dreadful. Busta and Missy did their thing but Wayne’s lost it for real. You have to step up to a beat like that but he was terrible.

  • RealHipHopBack

    Did wayne just shout out OF……

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  • Sportz

    Wayne killed it. I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

  • Donn

    I aint gon lie, Wayne came off. Missy was lazy on the mic, no cleverness, no metaphors, punchlines, memorable lyrics. Busta, same thing, lazy lyrics.

    Wayne came off, but still not his best.

  • ….

    wayne is the prime example of what happens when you got ppl around that let you feel yaself wayyyy too much. n no one keeping it real with you (yes men)…you start becoming extra corny n think you above everything cuz of ya bank account.
    @g-cass…I def feel you on that, I been gave him his last chance with me a while ago…but I always think “okay maybe he stopped fucking around n came correct” but nope a bunch dumb shit/corny bars..jus weak, I guess it wasnt easy to pick up where Gillie Da Kid left him at during the C3 n C4 when “he” was killing it….
    who knows maybe he’ll get serious about this in the future again, maybe he’ll stop doing homo shit with birdman, maybe he’ll stop dressing goofy….maybe not but either way I wont wait or count on it
    Wayne Prove me wrong….

  • Crew Love

    whatis this chorus


  • Ron Jeremy Lin

    Wayne went in, shame he shouted out them lame OF niggas

  • Nice song.. Busta came of as expected.. Thumbs up.. Hottest West Cost.. Hunnit on ya Head ft RickyRozay via soundcloud

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Wayne Swagger Jacked Tyler Why Arnt You Guys Surpised About a OF Shout Out

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  • ….

    @dr dre’s ass….Real shit!

  • Dope in Mailbox

    Weezy is back at it.. Catching bodies on the beat. YMCMB

  • Money

    Lil Wayne gets so much attention damn, even if he trolling people still show him attention.. Be it love or hate, he somehow is a headline since 2005

  • MMG #1fan

    Where rosssssssssssss

  • Tune

    Wayne Did his thing stop saying he suck! He killed the beat and fucked yo bitch ant the same time!

  • Lingo

    Lil Wayne stole a page in Eminem’a book. I remember Eminem at one point of his career was most hated, when he used to troll with the slim shady alter ego.. And people realized he spent give a fuck whatsoever. Weezy understood that if you keep showing people you don’t give a fuck they will eventually leave you alone ha. Rappers who give a fuck suffer in the end.

  • Citylivin’

    Wayne killed…YN killed that blackout too tho lol.

  • Keith

    People who actually understand the technicality of the rap art form will realize that Lil Wayne went in on this. He stepped out of his comfort zone with the flow yet still squeezed in punchline after punchline after punchline. Not to mention the compound syllables and the stretching of rhymes.

  • Numbers


  • M.T

    man, finally a female that can rap. Missy’s back! Wayne was actually good on this but Missy is the highlight of this song.

  • SteelBurghPrimanti412

    just cuz u can spit punchlines dont meen ur good wtf im so sik of the puchlines thryre not hard to do at all wayne sux ididnt know this site had so many wayne dik riders on it

  • Man

    Wayne killed it nuff said don’t overlook missy though her verse was raw af to

  • sandhutweets

    I hate Lil wayne but he killed it lol….. follow me on twitter

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  • ninobrown

    god damn wayne is back on the purp shitt 🙂

  • iam2smooth

    Wayne is weak af nd need 2 jus stop wit the fuckery !!

  • Busta

    Really cool!!

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  • thewackness

    waynes a blood out of nowhere then his a skater out of nowhere plays guiter out of nowhere for him now its all marketing hold a skateboard get the odd future fans pretend to play guiter get white fans pretend to be a blood c4 he was rapping with rick ross’s flow the whole album his really lost his creativity his music is trash these days c2 was the last dope shit he was putting out and then just sprinkles of good verses here and there he needs to get back on that syrup same shit happened to em once he stopped taking drugs

  • Shade

    Weezy killed it! Welcome back Missy!!

  • Lil wayne is great . . and 4ever will be Like this , and if somebody dont like him ..MMmmmm mean he dont know what is tha sound of the real music YMCMB

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