• bigguy

    Vid of the year

  • I love it..! Too Hot..!

  • The Homie

    Love this track and Kidd Kidd did his thing.

    50 ain’t fall off peoples taste in music just changed when the game changed

  • RealHipHopBack

    This shits dope

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  • manr

    whf kidd kidd just killed it that guy will blow up fast if he were in young money damn that guy is good

  • manr

    side bar this is a good song

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice video. Kidd Kidd & FIF work well together. GGGG-UNIT ! & Money Team !

  • Wowwwww,….This ish is fire… feel like a man again..lol.. always liked 50 now i like kidkid too…

  • Berklee


  • brollya

    kidd kidd, my face on every wanted poster

  • kidd kidd is nice , son … cool song and dope collabo .. pow !

  • The Truth

    I like how whenever there is a 50 post his camp spams comments. If this nigga is so hot then why can’t he sell no more.

  • DegreezOnDeck

    studio gangsterism at its best

  • Luks

    Shit is DOPE as fuck man !!!! Salute from Brazil Fif !!!

  • manr

    @DegreezOnDeck you sound like rick ross meaning you must be a fake boy…fuck off

  • Tru Talk

    Songs crazy.. Kidd Kidd is crazy.. @DegreezOnDeck tehy both lived the life, both were hit 6 or more times, u must listen to ross and khled, cop fuck boy

  • oj Da Cornball

    I like how haters hate for anyone to like a 50 song.

    Wow hates runs deep in the vain.

    yet they in every post to click on his song and watch the video then assume no one is checking for him. Oh the logic of idiots. Lol

  • the finishline

    Both their collabos were hot. They are a nice combo tho. Fif got the aggression and Kid got the flow and punches! TMT its the Unit!

  • nn

    hot very hot i love thisss

  • room2roam

    the beat and hook hot….thats it….n1ggas always askin for substance and then praisin this bullshyt…stop it

  • @The Truth, I tell you why, we get so much new music everyday that people don’t realize what’s hot and not, and haters can’t let somebody have an opinion still, the truth.

  • qbeezy

    why in the hell is this guy still rapping bout guns???

  • Johannes Mustermann

    Hook sounds like one of them Ja Rule songs from back in the day.