Travis Porter’s Strap Arrested In Atlanta

Oh the irony. Travis Porter member Strap was taken into custody this morning for passing security strapped at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He is currently being detained at the Clayton County jail in Jonesboro, Georgia for possession of a firearm. Remember Petey?


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  • What dumb ass brings A gun to an airport? What an idiot…

  • sonny carson jr.

    He Musttold Be The Offspring of Petey Pablo

  • sonny carson jr.

    Excuse me must be


    that nigga a terrorist

  • veesky

    Goodness…how many times are cats gonna do this? That’s 1 of the LAST places on earth u wanna be found with a gun *smh*

  • Why these dumbass rappers keep bringing guns to AIRPORTS????

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Fred Sanford voice: You Big Dummy !!!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Thankfully this clown doesn’t have T.I paper so he’ll be gone for a good minute, when will niggas learn ??

  • JG



  • person

    why hello Chris Paul.

  • Collar Cali

    Dang! What a dummy. He’s the main member I even pay attn to.

  • Swaggy

    FUCK ASS NIGGA its a good thing this niga faded into prison no need to question why he had a gat at the airport

  • brollya

    publicity stunt

  • HAQ

    r these niggas the dumbest muthafuckas in the world or what? geeez…

  • h2

    This niggga musta been high as fck.. Like oh yea no ones gonna notice this firearm on my hip

  • WoW

    Rick Ross was the guard that caught him. Takin out the competition ay rozay? smart move. “BOSS”!

  • that is name right strap

  • Travis

    Big up!!

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  • Kierra T

    Free my nigga Strap Da Foo Foo!! Everybody make mistakes, he might have been high or he just forgot it was on him. Whatever it was im sure he’ll I be out soon.

    # Free Stap

  • HK

    At least he’s staying true to his name


    lmfaooooooooo hahahah so fucking sad GUN on air port?!?!?!??! woooooooooow jeeezzz feel sad for traviiiieee might as well go SOLO now quez and ali

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