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    baammmm thats whats up!!!!!

  • The Nicca

    why is yelawolf hanging out with such a retard? kid rock is the ugliest fatherfucker on planet earth. somebody should kill him for being so ugly and stupid. and his music sucks as fuck. seriously!!!

  • That Guy

    Yes, @The Nicca, physical appearance is the true measure of a musician’s prowess………

  • The Nicca

    ^ in the case of kid cock OF COURSE!!! somebody should gas him up.nobody listens to country rock. and this is a rap site btw…

  • Kid Rock

    Nice picture!

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  • elizabeth

    whats with the fur coat….is it to stick it to animal rights activists….? just wondering.not cool…i spied couple of days abo a gay guy…sporting a long dress who passed me on the street he had white hair and a short fur jacket…he looked absolutely ridiculous!:)….fyi….I like Yelawolfs music…i bleep the bad words..but understand the verve!:) thanks to artists…who want to express….and God help us all! Elizabeth~

  • jt

    @ The Nicca.. yelawolf said he always wanted to record with kid rock. you listen to his early freestyles he mentioned that he thought he was him.