Catholic Prez Rebukes Nicki Performance

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You knew it was coming. The day after Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance, Catholic League President Bill Donohue, spoke out on Nicki’s antics.

Nicki Minaj, fresh off looking like a fool with Madonna at the Super Bowl, showed up last night on the red carpet at the Grammys with a guy dressed like the pope. This was just a prelude of what was to come.


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  • rebuke is the new co-sign, str8 up

  • crysis

    who cares the pope is like the Easter frickin bunny with imaginary friends.

  • He’s just mad that Bieber didn’t perform.

  • Donn

    Stop giving Nicki the attention she so desperately is seeking. She did that performance for this very reason to stir up controversy for her probably luke warm album. This is what ppl do to stay relevant, resort to these measures. It can’t be just about the level of quality of music now adays. Her career is slowly trickling down to it’s final minutes unfortunately. And she’s losing alot of fans, me being one of em’…

  • True Devil Female!

  • @Donn ur a fag not a fan

  • Belize

    this is bitch is so last year..either do a porno or kick rocks hoe

  • John

    Donn speaks the truth

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  • slick rick

    see this is what i dont get about you rap radar bloggers.
    this shit aint new, nikki been like this ever since she hit the big time. she been a lose unrecognizable monkey. releasing shit tracks, wearing shit clothes, behaving like bobby brown on crack.
    and all the way through, guys you been sucking her light skinned dick HARD, writing blog after blog of praise about her and the music (even though we all know its all shit)
    and then you been on the lets kill off lil kim movement, withever the opportunity arose.

    now all of a sudden you wanna flip on the bitch and write nuggative ish about her, put her in the “black out” section.
    you guys ain’t shit some times.

  • Black Shady

    WAck ass performance




  • the girl got skills but she over shadow it with her behavior and outrageous clothing i can put up with the wigs but the lady gaga esqu personality and dressing stop it just be nicki with out the BS.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Wow this bitch is smater than I thought. Yea her music is complete garbage, but now she getting the buzz she wanted. Do you know how many catholics there are in the world and now little rebelious catholic girls are gonna buy her shitty album. I’m surprised she wasn’t the one who fliped the bird at the super bowl.

  • Kunta Kente

    The catholic president he should be more concern on why his priest like to fuck little boys. Just ask @Donn that why he scared for life. @Donn and @John = same person.

  • Donn

    @Hip Hop Fiend

    She’s getting the wrong kind of buzz.. Some ppl say publicity is publicity, but at the expense of what? You gonna ride the negative wave until your destruction. Look at Charlie Sheen, he was the talk of the town for what a couple months and then ppl got over him cus he got boring. Chick is talented, she’s just wasting it trying to have the fame rather than the respect. At some point, artistic integrity has to come into play

  • Sebastian Telfair

    I would like her pussy, brush her teeth, and then make cup cakes with her.

  • Sebastian Telfair

    Lmfao at @kunta

  • Ludacris


    Are you targeting Japanese market?
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    She doesn’t have the talent to keep you paying attention, at best she has titties and ass, at worst she has stupid outfits and neon haircuts.

    get real, this is why i hate pop rappers, because they don’t get by on talent, they get by with marketing and publicists and gimmicks.

    stop spending your money on gimmicks, have some fucking standards

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im scared as hell right now Donn is making sense. Nicki is absolutely atrocious. More Gimmicks from YMCMB im shocked !


    i hate this bitch

  • UnkutOnline

    Pure genius. This is all people are talking about from the grammy’s almost a week later. Her magazine and TV appearances (like good morning america), new single, all planned out this week to follow the “outrage” of her performance. As long as they “tune the f*k in”. This media attention will roll her right into a huge first week of album sales. 500k plus easily first week.


    sike ilove nicki minaj

  • Word

    Cant believe im saying this but, I actually cosign @Donn. Who woulda thought YMs biggest stan would FINALLY open his eyes and see that Wayne and Nicki are on the decline. Drake the only star still rising. Lets stop pretending like Drake isnt nice. Lets stop pretending Wayne is better than him. Lets stop acting like just cuz he sings and raps about soft stuff, that he doesnt have his lyrical moments (Lord Knows being one example). Drake already starting his own oVoxo shit cuz even HE sees the sinking ship. YMCMB winning with sales but the whole world is laughing at these clowns.

  • Protektah X

    these catholic pedophiles needs to shut the fuck up. i love disrespecting all religions too. religions keeps us backwards and feed us with nonsense bullshit. it’s 2012 it’s time to stop this religious crap! only belief i believe in is 5% teachings.

  • Collar Cali

    Nicki trying to get her Madonna on with these antics…. But it’s not going to happen. What’s funny is that NO FEMALE in rap history EVER had to release 4 wack singles to put out an album. She NEEDS this press!

  • HAQ

    catholics are mostly made fun of because their religion is 1 of the dumbest but also the most recognizable and ridiculous in the world.

  • wickwickwack


  • Protektah X

    Double R dudes must be catholics too cos they don’t posted my comment.

  • Protektah X

    I disrespect all religions equally. I believe only in 5 percentism. Peace to da Gods and Earths.

  • Able Danger

    Man created God.

  • M.T

    So u let me get this straight, u were on every Nicki post before the grammy performance defending and praising her but the minute she does some freaky exorcism performance, your suddenly not a fan and u even criticize her for something shes been doing (which is her weird gimmicks) for most of her career and u use that as an excuse for why ur not a fan at all…..

  • Protektah X

    catholics stop portraying jesus as white. jesus was BLACK with nappy hair #FACT.

  • Blood Gang

    all catholics rape children

  • Ben10

    Holly fucking shit! I hate Nicki, but i want fuck her so much!

  • Fantasia Barrino

    Why don’t my comments get posted?!?!

  • Fantasia Barrino

    Why do sponsored comments get added and not mine.. Some bullshit, speaking of bullshit — what do you call a black priest?.. Why in god’s name (no pun intended) would the Catholic League take offense to this non-sense? Understand Nicki is a joke and a force that CAN be reckoned with. There we go.

  • L4U


  • the void

    nicki has no swag. she is just copying lady gaga with the “shock and awe” type material. stop biting. be yourselves, always. nicki just wants to be a pop artist and shes failing at that.

  • She’s Gay

    She says that gay line from the “I feel pretty” song for a reason.Nicki is a closet lipstick lesbian. The exorcism is her dealing with liking girls. She likes those big hoodrat hoes like Remy Ma eating her box. Theres a video of her somewhere before the nosejob where she is admitting all of this. Anybody from NYC knows her type. Beautiful female figure hidden under hoodies and baggy pants. They are all over the place in Manhattan.

  • Lajon Brames

    Is Nicki Minaj the girl who sings Super Bass??? I LOVE THAT SONG LOLOLOL

  • haitian sensation

    Most of youpeople ar hypocrites and liars!!,most of the people on here where in her corner but since the cunt has done this aside from the other crap that she done did? find it cool and uber-hardcore to now diss her and her preformances ?,and as for the people still liking her you have a sad view of life and of yourselves but hey i wouldn’t expect those of you doing that to get where i’m coming from your dumb anyway and stand for nothing falling for this trash,smfh.

  • mac DIESEL


    …..FUCK THIS BROAD!!!!


  • TRUE as it may be that she doing all the antics for press, its getting her video most watched on youtube , its getting that generic ass excuse for a pop song “starship’ major play on iunes, it gets her buzz and her names in the news, so she doesnt care who rebukes her long as she getting money. PS

  • TRUE as it may be that she doing these antics for press, its getting her video most watched on youtube, ts getting that generic ass excuse for a pop song ‘starship’ major play on itunes, its getting her spots at the super bowl, grammys, so she could care less who rebukes her as long as she’s getting money, PS: i heard she performing at the nba finals too , so her appearances alone are legendary

  • mac DIESEL

    STUPID HOE!!!!


  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    ^ She’s performing at the All Star game not the finals.

  • realrapraw

    RAPRADAR when will we see u on the “you played yourself” or “blackout” column??? u get on nicki, which i agree with in principle cuz i too had high hopes for her, then post her music. don’t get me started on the name of ur site in relation to the content posted- yikes!

  • room2roam

    the same catholic church that molests lil boys for sport??? yeah your opinion matters…STFU

  • The Nicca

    this is funny cuuuuz…LIL WAYNE is a devout catholic!!!!!!!!!

  • NotoriousRambo.


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