• toad3527

    oohh this nice right here

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Taylor Gang. I love me some Khalifa cock too

  • Donn

    At this point I haven’t heard one Wiz song I haven’t liked. Dude just makes versatile music. Very balanced

  • Money33

    Wiz khalifa…. Tyga Careless World Rise of the Last King is eating your food already before its release, better get your weight up before you turn into history! YM

  • Loaded

    At this point I haven

  • toad3527

    balanced? you guys make music seem like a crane move.

  • Black Shady

    At this point I haven’t heard one Wiz song I have liked. Dude just makes wack music. Very unoriginal

  • Cray Fish

    If this is your favorite song you suffer from brain damage.

  • SinatraAtTheOpera

    Later Khalifa…

    over it.

  • MyNameIsMyName

    This song is for nxggvz who wear shoes without socks. I can’t get jiggy with this sh^t.

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  • Ayye

    too bad he spending money not worrying bout yall hatas hahahah

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  • kushindair




  • Joe Blow

    Dudes that Go to the club wearing a suit jacket & no shirt under it, will bump this shit when they are ironing their slacks, Wiz represents a new breed of nigga that I like to call the “SuperFly Weirdo’s’ & he will ALWAYS have a lane because of that, I got a homeboy that loves WIZ’s music & this nigga keeps his shoes in a old refrigerator & you cant tell him that not the coolest shit ever thought of, Wiz is the same way, he’s a weird nigga and he makes it seem cool, and all the “Superfly Wierdo’s” LOVE HIM FOR IT!

  • kriz

    so fuckin predictable dumb down rap funny he said recently that he was going to raise the the quality of his music same ol shit to me

  • MacTheHitman

    Dope track.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Production > Lyrics

  • Really Doe?

    Shits cool to me. I fuck wit his weird/euro rap type music. Might blaze one to this. Yall say he’s unoriginal, but honestly, who sounds like Wiz???




  • 8UWIN


  • @pablowHood

    Yeah We trippy man ! taylor gang ….. the-deram inspiration radio killlaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yall fucking really haters i hated rolling pappers but this shit goes its fuckig dope….. beat dope and girl voice make it doper mannnn yall need to stop with the hatin wtf and the hook was ok cool basic

  • Citylivin’

    this song was on DayToday…Wiz need to hook back up with Curren$y asap tho..he would’ve did this beat better justice.

  • 8UWIN

    WTF?! this isn’t BASEDGOD

  • Pauper

    the beat is tough but these niggas aint rappin bout shit. #bragrapkilledhiphop


    Look.. all you fuckin people are so busy hating.. WHY HATE!!!!! This shit is better than the shit yall makin.. ppl always fuckin hate, whatever the case may be. So what if u dont like it? Thats ur opinion.. if you say u aint heard one song u like wit wiz then OKAY!!! Dont expect all niggas to make the same type of music, how fucking boring wouldnt that be? Artists sometimes change/evolve and thats how it is. I agree this track isnt really a standout track, its just a feel good track while u blazin in yo ride. Get that, this isnt no fucking masterpiece and he isnt claiming that either. having fun is what the game is missing (or was).

    So what if u think its gay or corny to wear a fuckin hat and shit wiz wears. SO FUCKING WHAT. Doesnt make any difference of you hating on a rapradar blog post.

    SMoke something and appriciate it for what it is or just shut up, i dont come and fucking hate on every song i dont like, i listen to it. i like it, maybe not.. and thats it.

    for example i dont realyl listen to asap rocky cuz he doesnt really click with me but still i dont hate on the nigga? i respect his shit, same with LIL b, he’s in his own category, and thats dope for him. i dont like his music but hey, why hate?

  • Dream On

    When this new tape come out?

  • The Truth

    Hahaha ya’ll niggas need to take a toke and relax, some chill music right here.

  • matrix

    This song is CRAACCC!!! I Cant Stop playin it…Chuuuch!!!

  • Protest

    Ruined a good beat

  • Steve

    Is that a The-Dream sample? Dope.

  • brollya

    swear wiz kno how to pick da right beats, and he flow smooth to em

  • asap rocky is gay nd tryna bite his style

  • SMP

    OK Wiz… juicy j just made this taylor gang much better

  • ACE

    TO ME Wiz is hit & miss. sometimes i hear stuff from him and i actually like it, then other times i wanna throw-up when i hear him. i even like SOME of the tracks from ‘rolling papers’ album. he has a few dope tracks i heard from his ‘kush’ mixtape, but i still would’nt call myself a real wiz fan at all, partially, maybe, kinda, but not enough to invest in him or support/buy his shit. like dude @Joe Blow said up top, he’s for the young, cool, fly Weirdo types. i know some chicks who like wiz too (they’re also young ) no hate though, this song is straight

  • haterss

    that dream sample is hot as fuck!!! …. wiz kills dis track

  • chiefinkev

    been waitin for this song when i heard it on day to day vid #TaylorGang

  • KJ

    wiz is my fav artist, such a breath of fresh air for hip hop…his album is so balanced, he is the only rapper i know that makes great mainstream music for everybody, by that i mean, when the labels tried to force him toward the poppy direction on his album, he did a lil bit for them, but still kept it perfect and original

  • Jack

    After listening to the beat for quite a bit, it sounds somewhat like despicable by eminem’s beat

  • Wiz and Juiicy J stay killin shiit… they are THE dynamic Duo of the year. period.

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