• Donn


  • Awesome

    ^ False

  • uhuh

    no…. g.o.o.d music members are just gonna bring kanye’s genius creativity down. he doesnt do well in collaborating
    collabo = WTT
    solo = MBDTF

  • waloo

    so they chill and watch youtube videos? hahaha jk

  • Money man

    Lol these niggas too old for the game

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  • Mike

    @uhuh MBDTF had features all over it! Kanye doesn’t do well with collaborating? Please. and stop knocking WTT like its the “cool” thing to do. People know that album was dope and they nitpick at it as if they have just as much musical ability and talent as Jay and Kanye. Who the fuck made you people musical savants in this bitch?

  • uhuh

    i dont wanna hear big sean’s corny lines on a kanye album. neither do i wanna cyhi tha prince.
    i bought WTT btw. i listened to it the first month it came out and havent listend to it since.
    guess what: i still bump track 1 dark fantasy to track 13 who will survive in america. all these collabo albums are a waste of time tbh. im lookin foward to his next solo project.

  • Mj

    Lmao at all these Niggas bitching, cuz the funny this is that this album is prolly gonna be better than both Wtt and dark fantasy

  • uhuh

    nothing surpasses mbdtf except his older work

  • SwaggedinFendi

    ^ @uhuh if you think WTT was bad you surely do not no rap …… + you are contradicting your self for saying his collabs are not good then buying WTT ? makes sense …. ?

  • B.itch K.iller James

    1. This will not be better than MBDTF. 2. This may be better than WTT. 3. This is going to be a lot more superficial than MBDTF. 4. MBDTF was a collaboration, only one song was solo Kanye and he was the co-producer of every song, not the sole creator. 5. This album WILL be dope. 6. Big Sean is ass. The rest of G.O.O.D. is nice.

  • uhuh

    i bought WTT cuz it didnt leak and i didnt know what to expect from the album. but tbh the album is very average compared to what im used to from ye. and jay is all to blame.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ OKAY, I’m convinced you are using the same person using different names.

  • Acapella

    “When u hot, EVERYBODY’S a critic…” *J. Cole voice*

  • Kay

    i bet everything they had CONVOS about YMCMB /DRAKE lmaoooo

  • Donn


    Why are you trying to convince the guy if he doesn’t like something he doesn’t like it. I dont care about your opinion, I think it’s gonna be dope. I’m not here to persuade anyone lol

    U dudes kill me on here trying to persuade someone to think how you want. WTT and MBDTF were both great to me so #kanyeSHRUG

  • The Truth

    Leave Common old ass off this album. Nobody want hear his “I do it for the people and there stuggle” rhymes no more. I rather hear Mos Def or what ever Muslim name he goes by now all over this.

  • Jaymalls

    Keep Dreaming… They got Grammys and Classic albums over Here. YMCMB got skateboards, grown ass bloods, and barbies over there!

  • NearDark

    can’t wait

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  • LKBZ

    Worth checking out.. Fuck Big Sean tho.

  • Ach

    Every1 gonna be shocked when Big sean brings it. haters

  • realhiphopfan

    ya niggaz on Ye nuts MBDTF was a album but saying WTT wasn’t ya stupid. every time Ye does work he tries to make it better than his previous shit. To say he don’t do well with collabos is idiotic to say because most of MBDTF has features on it. Ya keep comparing all his shit MBDTF or older albums his big brother said it best “niggaz want my old shit by my old albums”

  • I Work For Adidas

    @realhiphopfan You prolly bought five Carter 4 CDs.

  • Money man

    Kanye’s sales have been declining drastically.. because he lost touch with his first album fans. Which is why he is losing real life fans. Whenever a rapper began getting more popular online, it means less people are picking up the album in store because it’s those who spent all their time online that first asks for a link to the leak.

  • G.O.O.D

    Nice pictures!!

    Are you targeting Japanese market?

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  • Maulien#1Fan

    Definitely has potential to be a classic album. And the production will be out of this world, yea they shitn on ymcmb and mmg!

  • really?

    people say G.O.O.D. Music members bring down Kanye? So I guess all of the G.O.O.D. Friday’s were terrible? Considering how everybody loved them I doubt it. This album is going to amazing.

  • G.O.O.D. Music, WTT 2, Blueprint 4, New Kanye….Damn, shits cray. It’s over after that.

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  • LOLhaters

    I can almost guarantee all the hate in the comments are from YMCMB Stans hahaha..get over it…musically and overall G.O.O.D. wins hands down. Majority of the team are all talented and you can’t say that about YMCMB lol. GOOD MUSIC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • WhatsGucciMyNikka

    ^true dat this will go platinum for sure

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