• Collar Cali


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  • Black Shady


  • required

    the fuck

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    The only highlight of this year for Lil Kim…


    Niggas laughing but them Slanted eyed muthafuckers are serious… They have Nukes and WHAT

  • PAP

    i wonder in lil kim got her rap name trademarked or even owns it…if not then shorty just lost out on millions

  • bleughkk

    im just glad HER face isnt displayed on this post. b1tch facelift monstrosity looks grotesque and disgusting

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  • Swaggy

    These niggas north korea bout to shut down that oil rig, 5% of worlds oil in that bitch now we gone call this ho ass nigga Lil Kim? Its probably not a diss if y’all thik about it. He is equivalent of his father just younger so that explains the Lil.

  • oj Da Cornball

    he’s more attractive that the rapper. no homo

  • Brahsef

    Lil Kims prolly gonna make a diss record at Time claimin she the real Lil Kim

  • Jimmy

    she looks even better than before

  • petey wheatstraw (@http://da-sauce.proboards.com)

    nice fade just get some work on that line up done fam.

  • ZEE

    the face of evil & oppression. He looks for praise while his people suffer. Kinda reminds me of a lot of people