Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder & R. Kelly Perform At Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Earlier today, family and friends said their final goodbyes to Whitney Houston during her private funeral, which was live streamed for fans at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Above, Alicia Keys sung “Send Me An Angel” while Stevie Wonder and R. Kelly pay their tributes after the jump.


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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Damn Alicia Keys had to fight back tears to sing that, but she should of fix her bra before performing. That negro Robert Kelly use this tribute to showcase a comeback. Why the fuck Bobby Brown storm out the funeral asking for V.I.P tretment.

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  • Kunta Kente

    Kevin Costner look nervous as fuck Surrounded by all them black people.

  • Kanye West College Dropout Mascot

    Stevie Wonder was she was so beautiful. Like that motherfucker knows what she looks like.

  • Kanye West College Dropout Mascot

    Bobby Brown stormed out cuz he needed to get a fix. HA!

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  • King Tesh

    Alicia Keys is so fucking dope

  • Bobbi Christina

    Bobby Brown didn’t storm out. They kick his black out because he had like 10 people with him and wanted seats in front.

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  • Conquistaqdora

    Thank GOD for Blessings, now and forever!

  • ripper

    @Hip-Hop Fiend

    You stated R Kelly used the Whitney Houston tribute to make a comeback? Funny!!! You must be about 12 years of age. Go sit down somewhere and go play with your Legos. The King of RnB don’t need to make a comeback. Kellz never left anywhere!!!! He’s still the man after all these years. Comeback? You must be a Trey Songz fan. Wow!

    Kellz been dropping heatseekers for years buddy boy. For years!!!! Comeback my ass!!!lol

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @ripper Just cuz R Kelly is a legend don’t mean he on top of his game. His last two albums did double wood. He hasn’t had a hit since the early 2000’s. Stop catching feelings over Robert Kelly, you prolly the 14 year old bitch he pissed on.

  • Me

    @hip hop idiot you must hv been born stupid..hw can u say he is using her for a comeback…when they are friends

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @Me HA! Damn you guys are really catching feelings over Robert Kelly lol… He use this oppurtunity cuz he knows people world wide would be watching. Now can yall shut the fuck up now. Why yall mad cuz Robert Kelly fell off. He better go add more chapters or some shit.

  • Dope

    What’s with Alica’s clothing, she was never the type to build a career on he tits and ass and now she’s exposing them at a damn funeral.

  • Me

    Since 2000 he has the following hit snake fiesta when a wonan love radio msg n d only performer that has connection to houston is r kelly the rest r just there.

  • 757 Biguy

    Alicia Keys, I read lips, after your stunning performance. You turn to the lady in the choir and said “WHY didn’t you tell me my BRA was showing” My son got hard looking at you, I told him excuse yourself and take care of that cucumber. Bobby Brown you had to show off at Whitney’s celebration of life. Ten men who does that? Probably high as sht How much they paid you to get them in? HOOD RAT

  • ripper

    @ Hip-Hop Fiend,

    Your first few response words were R Kelly is a legend. Do I need to say anymore? You say I am catching feelings!!! Wow!!! Go and sit down somewhere…

    Remember Hip-Hop bum, a legend don’t need to make a comeback. He’s already paved the way for people like your idol (Trey Songz), Usher, Bobby Valentino, Avant, Tank, Ginuwine, etc…

    Sit your bum ass down somewhere!!!

  • Hecate

    sad. god send us another angel!

  • Fuck R Kelly
    Redman and Loch smoking out collab coming soon

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @ripper Get your stank pussy ass off this site. This rap radar and all you doing is crying about child molester Robert Kelly whos is a R&B singer who fell off.