Drake: #2 Hottest MC In The Game

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With the release of one of the best albums of the past year with Take Care, Drizzy comes in as the runner-up on this year’s list.

Drake’s dominance is well-documented, from SoundScan success to extraordinarily extensive radio play. As an artist, the Young Money standout blends R&B melody and alternative sensibilities with an MC’s bravado. While still spitting bars with some of the game’s most highly regarded lyricists, his emotive writing style made it acceptable for rappers to dish out their feelings (though Common might disagree).

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  • Mag

    Should have been #1 (Kanye #2)

    I like Ross but how he reached this level of stardom is beyond me

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Take Care was a great album. Drake carried most niggas songs. He did more enough to get the top spot. But they gave it to Rick Ross fat ass.

  • Tucq

    i thought drake should be #1 also………….. dude came out 700,000 the gate, all the hoez like him, and he’s on the radio the most…… Ross is the shit, but he’s (not yet) proven on the record sales tip…… ross will probably do high numbers this time around, though.

  • Wow that’s crazy. I would’ve picked Drake as #1 over Rick ross. craziness. damn you MTV.

  • YM

    Drizzy topped off Kanye West… well then its still YMCMB season.

  • Money33

    I think they gave it to Rick Ross to avoid the tension between YMCMB and Roc Nation .

  • Tru Talk

    This is a very sad day for hip hop…..

  • Clos1881

    Rozay lol they love to hate me get your popcorn ready *T.O. Voice*

  • Money33

    @Tru Talk, nah sad day for you. YMCMB has 3 artist in top 5

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  • Joeycrack

    Crazy how you could own radio all year… sell 700,000 first week…and thr only Ross song that’s dope is the one with drake rapping like 100 bars on…smh

  • 8UWIN


  • @pablowHood

    YMCMB WE DA BIZNESS FUCK YOU HATERS ………. rozay and drizzy ‘s new mixtape is on the way Believe Dat !!!!!!

  • Kemosabi

    Money 33 never thought about it like that. But I gotta say one thing. Toronto!!

  • Cray Fish

    Anybody surprised? Nope… MTV=Pop, and treats it’s content as such. It’s not about who’s the best MC, it’s about whose the most popular in the mainstream…I mean, why wouldn’t Styles P be on this list if not?



  • worst fuckin list.. RR u better than this

  • Tedd

    ye made it ok for niggas to “dish out their feeling”
    Kanye laid the groundwork for niggas like drake to prosper
    hiphop is so fickle and forgetful that you give credit to the wrong niggas
    Drake had a way better year than ross

  • Cali

    Haters are mad Drake topped Jay-Z and Kanye West.

  • That Guy

    What a joke.

  • MR.M.

    heres main stream dumb fuck #2, congrats but i prefer u back in ur wheel chair