New Music: Robin Thicke “Exhale” (Whitney Houston Cover)

Despite his little run-in with NYPD Friday, Robin Thicke keeps things positive with his cover of Whitney Houston’s classic off the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. Not bad Mr. Blue-Eyed Soul. Shoop. Shoop.

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  • Stan


  • lol

    Whitney Houston must have ‘Exhaled’ a shitload of crack cocaine in her lifetime. hahahahaha

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Beautifully Done.

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  • Michale

    Yo “lol says”

    Why don’t you grow the h*ll up? This is a beautiful cover and made me and everyone who got together to listen to it cry. Take beauty for what it is and Robin Thicke is Thicke full of beauty. You should be ashamed for having the devil inside you. Maybe you should “exhale” that negativity right up your moms a$$

  • i think we are all trying to heal
    we miss this great lady and all she gave us
    if anything we should learn kindness from this loss
    and is someone wants to honor her with song i will listen
    i am sure she is smiling as we all sing along…………….

  • cyndi

    she was someones daughter. someones mother. . Ill pray for the ones so immature ,unfeeling and callous. . ill pray that no one they love ever loses their battle with an addiction. . Whitney was a child of God no matter what is said about her and seriously children. . let he who is without sin. . . ..

  • TJ

    I love his voice and appreciate the tribute to our dear Whitney, but found all the changed lyrics and the deviation from the melody a jarring distraction. By the end of his performance, the song had become almost unrecognizable to my ears. Less would have been more.

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  • Cocoa Brown

    This track sounds like a scratch track. I don’t believe it’s fully produced. I wish Thicke had taken his time and money to produce the track fully in honor Whitney. And I like TJ, I don’t like how he changed the words around either.

  • I’m still literally in surprise… I can not consider this