• Black Shady

    there are some beats people should just never try to freestyle to. and STILL DRE is one of them…

  • RespectTheGame

    this is pretty bad. what happened to him? I see why he don’t freestyle on ny radio.

  • YEAH

    the crowd doesnt look at him? oO

  • Mr. MonopoleeMunny

    Red Cafe is TRASH…..he been had a deal in 98 with Mac 10 and still aint get a SOLO LP, i dont know who he ghost-writes for but i wuddnt want no songs/hooks from this BUM

  • RespectTheGame

    He’s looks like he is on stage in background with a real popular. probably diddy. red don’t have fans like that. he was headliner a few weeks ago at webster hall in his hometown nyc. There was about 35 people there to see him.

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  • Red Cafe



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  • not bad at all. solo album is never dropping though

  • Red cafe be on his grind.He stays working and never complains.he gonna get hima hit.He already had a few strong street bangers
    Redman and Loch smoking out collab coming soon http://youtube.com/lochofmceo

  • UnkutOnline

    When you keep saying my debut album dropping “this year” every year for 12 years people stop caring. His fans from 2000 have moved on to something else because he compromised his style to a copy cat of whatever is in at the time. He still taking back to the 90’s with those gold chains lol!

  • fastflipper

    wow that was wack

    he always use the same lyrics

  • FreshKidME

    THAT SHIT was WACK AS HELL! please… do yourself a favor, Red…. don’t ever freestyle again. (weakest thing about that: this probably was written like 90% of all the so called freestyles nowadays) ….pfff.

  • George

    Enjoyed listening to this Freestyle. Looking forward to new songs from Red Cafe.