• Rain man

    J Cole sounds too simple and casual for me… he should step it up.

  • BiggMar


  • TheyKnow

    Kinda boring…

  • This is so smooth

  • Rikki

    Cole snappin on MTV for snubbing him. Cole World

  • Haters Hater

    Rain Man and TheyKnow must like electro and techno shit…lol

  • Yup !

    The Instrumental >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> J Cole

  • Music

    I used to compare J Cole to Drake, now its an embarrassing argument all together. He is fading and it sucks, his album cant even keep up with that of lil nigga like Tyga. Fuck is going on with this dude, where is that Lil Ghetto Nigga flow!

  • Haha, best 2 AM drop ever.

    This is dope to me.

  • @tshiamofs

    I am glad he is starting to work again. Dope track, good lines, MC shit

  • Shade

    Who can hate on this? It’s a COLE World Motherfuckers! He brought back that SOUL Motherfuckers!

    Y’all got way too electro, damn near techno

  • fieldnegro25

    “police be fuckin wit me no sir no license all i got here is this fuckin DEGREE” !!!!!

  • FB

    Brown did this 🙂

  • WHat? Me, nah!!!

    Sounds like something Lupe Fiasco can split,.J Cole needs a lane of his own. Sometimes he sounds like Nas, then other time like Kanye then like Lupe.. he should work on finding a solid signature style of his own.

  • Reef

    Cole Is like LeBron now, everytime he do something right y’all find any lil thing to complain about! Let him be great!

  • fieldnegro25

    this comment ^

  • suppppppp

    Man shut the fuck up. Every fucking song for every artist you bitches nit-pick like y’all even know what the fuck you’re talking about! Y’all don’t know shit. Do y’all got ears? This shit is nice, Cole killed it. And his career is fine, and he still hasn’t peaked commercially. And he does got his own solid signature, go and listen to his discography and you’ll see what a “classic J.Cole record” sounds like.

  • Yup !

    DRAKE WOULD KILL THIS BEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT THE FUCK IS A COLE ????????????????????

    HA !

  • bullfrog24

    LOL These internet “fans” are worse then girlly radio fans.

    As soon as someone gets a little mainstream success you guys start hating and find the next underdog


  • suppppppp

    You’re comment is so on-point. Cole is the Lebron James of rap.

  • suppppppp

    …Meaning that ring is coming soon. See you in the summer.

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  • Positive Vibe

    Yeah for real, Lebron every season its a ring is coming.. until dude retires.



    wow i wasn’t expecting a new cole track at 3 in the morning. sounds good

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Fuck Drake Ol Muppet Ass Cole World Nigga And Its Rap All Of It Sounds Boring.

  • Shoebox

    Hey AMAYA it’s “you’re” nor “your”! Blogger for rapradar.com

  • CK

    New kicks and hi-hats, bout time!haha. J. Cole, you should snap and go crazy on the game, time to unleash the beast and destroy the game before they destroy your career like mtv’s doing. Have 2 chainz’s, Wayne’s, Ross’ hunger , that’s all you need because you surely have talent.

  • Able Danger

    “Style like Tribe Called Quest meets Death Row”… sounds so soulful don’t you agree?

  • Digga C

    I like Cole
    But this guy just screwed himself over in the lyrics LOL.
    Everyone sounding too electro/techno..Im pretty sure Cole World and Mr. Nice Watch are electro..

  • Mel B

    This is real nice. Wasn’t expecting it… haha look at the stans of that other nicca getting nervous. lol

  • Some dude

    Its cool but forgettable . it aint fuckin with that Banks track

  • Mr.Alfred

    pretty dope. i just wish he changed the flow .. heard this flow being recycled way too much

  • 8UWIN


  • Michelle

    Cole got haters, you made it baby.

  • 8UWIN


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  • Great fuckin track no singin all day like drakes gay ass with all dat sing along rap ..J.cole is a real m.c Great track Great lyrics… Nice work.. very underrated artist maybe the best out of all the rappers with in the last 3 yrs

  • Shooga

    He just chillin on the beat why u tripin on

  • Cj mill

    He’s officially a star now that he has dickriding haters

  • 82 baby…90’s teen

    proper lyrics….how can anyone hate on that? do you people like hiphop or what?

    the man jus spit fire…witty as fuck…big ups too cole.

  • Sound like some drake and Boi-1da shit

    Got bored after the first minute as well.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    It joint is nice. That boy J. Cole aint playing.

  • matrix

    shit was fire…u niggz just skim through music its clear to me now….cuz hatin on this? ya buggin he had super dope lines i probably aint even catch everything first listen smh…cole is that nigg….chuuch…


  • J.Cole

    Nice track!!

    Are you targeting Japanese market?

    I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous “We The Best” Japan Tour.
    I have more than 19,500 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, contact me! http://www.Twitter.com/RSmagazine The details are in the link in my profile!

  • Bonobo

    Album was super soft-

    Hey boss how can you say cole is the absolute best thing that’s come out in the last three years.

    Have you not heard Jon Connor ?

  • yasiin

    Song is obviously dope. I don’t get why you would spend your time complaining about a throwaway song has been given out for free. Has the internet really become a place for angry young men to hate? It certainly seems like it.

    Old bitter-ass sit around in middle class homes
    With computers on hating on the newest song

  • RB

    Good Music

  • I dont like the song. Just cause the beats soulful doesnt mean the lyrics are anyway. He’s got that school kid who was never popular sound. You can tell his unpopular fanbase wants him to be great so they can be vindicated.

  • FTW

    Dope piece.

    I’m not going to get too excited because Roc Nation is going to eventually make him do some crossover pop bullshit. But hey, Cole said it best, “either you play the game or let the game play you, and be the broke mothafucka talkin bout I stay true”.


  • Word

    Y’all niggas are some HATERS! How can y’all hate on this? Nigga complained cuz he sound like Lupe.Lupe is nice as fuck! What the problem? Y’all just hate on every little thing and nitpick like shit. Beat was tough. Spit hella hot lines in this. I duno what else y’all want. See y’all in the summer, that new shit dumber!

  • TREE

    Are you guys ugly or merked? Don’t even compare drake to j cole. They are NOT the same when it comes to terms of rapping. Drake isn’t a rapper he only makes hoe music and for the guys that listen to that must be either gay or have nothing else better to listen to. This track was fireee, beat reminded me a little of otis, great to see j cole back in the studio.

  • Word

    And I love when niggas try to pose as “fans who watched the nigga fall off” to try and make yall comment seem more justified. Nigga you was never a fan cuz theres no reason to say Cole fell off. He dropped a hot mixtape in FNL. A dope album and now this song. Where did he fall off? How has he not WON already? Yall niggas must live in the most run down places and only get internet once a month to see what yall missed. In case yall didnt know, dude already got a Gold album and platinum single and grammy nomination doing what hes doing right now. His core fanbase knows this. Thats all that really matters. Haters can spew hate again all they want like when the album dropped but will that stop niggas from copping it? Nope! Keep trying haters!

  • neks

    Man I listened 3 times before the comments. Shit goes hard, perfectly good rapppping …talking shit style. All these haters for no reason…it a mfn cole world! What ya want electro? This is just a teaser…I expect more.


    Man this shit Is hott wht r u haters talking abt u fools dnt know hiphop 4 real this Is wht hiphop snd like…

  • Carolina Girl

    Yeesss!!! J.Cole just murdered this track. This shit is hottt! Representin for the 910!!! Carolina all day!! Now the haters can finally shut up, J.Cole has did it again.


    Production on point, lyrics on point, delivery on point, flawless record, we need more like it. Hip-hop, I love it.


  • Deeeee

    i bet if this track dropped before he shot into mainstream it would be fire right? right ?

  • suckit

    i need these lyrics asap!!

  • Black Shady

    COLE WORLD!!!!!!!!

    I predicted it…that song would won. Now he’s winning and look at all you haters lolol you we’re the ones saying he would flop and shit. It must hurt your souls hahaha

  • wizsucks

    Stfu J Cole we know you don’t be smashing groupies, your fiance has you whipped, pussy boy

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  • Kanye West College Dropout Mascot

    Will this nigga ever find his OWN lane? Kanye got a lane, Drake got a lane, Lupe got a lane, Big Sean got a lane. When and if this drops his 2nd album drops he not gotta have shit say. He gonna be all materialistic. He not bringing nothing new to the game. When it all said and done what are we gonna remember J. Cole for swagger jackin other niggas styles and rhyme flow. You Cole stans are ok that he sounds like other rappers, thats fucking sad. J. Cole is like a tribute band but only for hip hop.

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  • sincere

    ^^^Not even slightly interested in what ya opinion is, gotta greater purpose then a haters purpose-J.Cole

  • t

    when cole dropped simba…

  • Black Shady

    This nigga above said Cole aint got a lane? LOL you dont even know what you’re talkin about..

    and “when and if this drops his 2nd album drops” ???? LOL nigga got a gold plaque and a plat single…sold out tours for the past 2 years. Dont worry…2nd album is definitely coming soon lol

  • hip hop is dead

    one of the few young mc’s

  • Former Bad Boy Employee

    J. Cole is a poor mans Drake.

  • Vuyo

    Nice to see Cole back at work……dope track.

  • Truth

    Y’all are some mad fuckin haters. Go kill ya selfs. Waste of life on this earth

  • Devin

    Cole is never original

  • Word

    Big Sean has his own lane?!?!?!?!?!? LMAO! He sounds like the newboys and every other rapper rapping bout the same shit. “Ass ass ass ass ass ass” and thats a song to you??? Thats a lane??

  • Cole was spitting heat on this.

  • jdot

    I don’t get how yall are saying Cole doesn’t have his own lane. Sounds original to me!

  • Ray

    3rd verse>>>2nd verse>>>1st verse….its a great thing when each verse is better than the one b4 it. The Beat is cray

  • Kanye West College Dropout Mascot

    @Word Big Sean started the one line punch that Drake, Nicki, Lil’ Wayne admited to take . Even J. Cole has used it from time to time. What has J. Cole done that we haven’t seen before? … DON’T WORRY I’LL WAIT

  • Cheaa..

    Colely Cole back un in this thang… these dudes way to homo

  • Ray

    Ha…..”u niggaz is not russell, you more diggy/Im nore Biggie”

  • Ave

    Cole said it best you haters….”funny how my old highs, suddenly my new lows…” You half-the-time hip-hop fans are whats’ killing the game, because you new “fans” are disloyal as hell.


  • Ron Jeremy Lin

    Why are the jcole stans mad. The song is simply plain trash. Dude fell off hardbody, dont expect to hear about this guy at this time next year. He might win a few bet awards here and there but expect DRAKE to surpass and have longevity in hip hop. Still waiting for a Hov and Cole picture lmao, jay dont even fuck with his lame boring ass.

  • Ron Jeremy Lin

    J cole is the poor mans drake, drake can spazz out when he wants to. 9 am in dallas >>>>anything cole has done

  • Steve daddy


  • turff


  • Steve daddi

    difference between Drake and cole is Drake makes music for bitches.
    Cole makes music forr everybody.

    thats real talk hes the last thing from a tribute rapper J Cole is usually the guy who goes the hardest on any track with anybody.

    So what if he didnt get too crazy on this track its still some good shit to put out since we havent heard music from him.. the nerve of some niggas who prolly only bumped this halfway. Fuck yall.

  • Willy T

    Not boring at all… Just smooth. Real smooth.

  • M.T

    HAHHAHAHAH welcome back haters. This song is fireee. So soulful. are niggas on here actually saying cole aint got no lane? lol pure comedy. oh and the butthurt drake fans who are comparing cole to drake need get the fuck out. #Cole World bitchesss

  • Rico S.

    Great Song

  • ???

    @Kanye West College Dropout Mascot

    Um with 2 million followers on twitter and his site crashing every time he puts new music up I’d say he has his own lane or his own world a Cole one.

  • AmbitousJay

    Ya’ll hatin muthafuckers go jam your techno wack bullshit.
    ColeWorld in this bitch!

  • stephen


  • TruthBeTold

    haha u guys are retarded….look, cole made this in the booth with big sean and them and im guessin he prlly made this in a day to let his fans know hes still out there and workin. and to those who say cole doesnt have his own lane…wow r u serious?? that just means u havent been listening to him good enough

  • OvO

    Too bad those 2 Million followers are no where to be found when his album drops. Cole is boring, I’m sorry but he is.

  • OvO


  • Jason

    Guarantee if Drake would have dropped this song you would have all loved it. J.COLE >>>>

  • swag

    he murdered dat shit on some crazy shit

  • Citylivin’

    yep..Cole is definately “Linning”…look at all the hate he has garnished since just trying to aim a spot on BP3.Ha!…and it’s obvious why the public accepts Drake 2x more than Cole….simply Drake makes more party music,Cole makes more real music…party music is what niggas want nowadays…look at Meek,French,Ross,Tyga..they get more shine than Cole….so the Drake vs Cole shit is unfair…it’s more like Drake vs. Ross

  • quese

    dis nigga said I use 2 compare Cole 2 Drake but not anymore Hahaha Cole world nigga!

  • apparently you all missed the massive drake diss. not even going to point it out, but it’s bars long. go figure it out

  • JHP

    ^^ @advercity Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it? Cole is spitting that real on this track, just like he’s known for doing. I can tell by your comment that you just have something against Cole. Instead of just saying your not feeling the song, you wanna say that idiotic ill-founded statement about his fanbase being unpopular. This is a good track first of all, it’s by no means a career-defining classic, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s just a dope little track he let go for reaching 2 Million Followers on twitter. This “school kid who was never popular” has a #1 Debuting Gold Album, A Platinum Single, Beyonce Feature, Jay-Z Co-Sign, and a grammy nomination under his belt. What are YOU doing???

    • Hey, I do listen to music, unprejudicely. I notice, easily, the type of people who are urging Cole to win and giving him more credit than he deserves and they are the people who werent cool in school, like was said. People simply need to be vindicated by a person with a similar background, and I wasnt impressed with his rapping either. I’m not going to give undue credit to anyone. His radio singles were for the radio, he’s a rap with singing rap to teens. Talking about hes keeping it real, he has no experience of life beyond that of a middle class college kid and you cant argue with that.


    ill shit

  • Matty Ice


  • Rizz

    dope as usual cole is only gettin better .. yo fuckin hater can kill ya selves

  • This shit is hot.He killed this.This beat is right.Cole world
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s

  • Rick

    wtf are you talking about? People want cole to win because he’s a good lyricist and he deserves it. It has nothing to do with people being unpopular at school. Go listen to the Warm up and Friday Night Lights instead of judging him on his radio singles. btw Cole graduated out of college not too long ago so of course he has no experience of life beyond that of a middle class college kid. idiot.

    • Nowhere near an idiot, dummy. People talk like he keeps it so real and in the vernacular of college kids maybe, as far as appeal to people with real life issues, not so much.

  • Shit ight, its cool, but that sample is vicious, ya’ll dont know nothing about David Ruffin…

  • kanyeToThe

    yall crazy, this is real hip hop. Haters dont know. And stop comparing him to Drake, for real. have you heard take care? c’mon son stop hating on real hip hop.

  • hunnids

    “So I only fuck with hat tricks…bitches with a few goals”

  • Rick

    lol college kids are people who have real life issues. Anyways he does make music for ppl with real life issues but u prob dont listen to his music (or u skim thru it) so u wouldnt know.

    • I listen to whats presented and college kids arent the ones with the problems I’m talking about. I had bad credit when I was five. I couldnt care any less about conveying a more urgent struggle to you, and cole has no idea about real life struggle because he was provided for. I know about real struggle and, yet dont like to hear mediocre struggle songs. Anyway, cole is overrated and not near a great lyricist. His content is watered down, not original, and predictable. And the gold plaques, and stuff, lil twist sold gold and so did tyga, and you know they arent legendary. And to the onlookers, I’m not a young money fan, just presenting facts.

  • Loaded

    its wack and i havent even listened to it

  • Swiss on 107th

    MTV LOL getting at them Hard !!! TALK YOUR SHIT COLE “How dare these Peasants ” lol

  • kingmpandey

    dope track right here#coleworld

  • ???


    well you just proved that you don’t listen to ANY of Cole’s music or pay attention to his life story with this statement :

    “and cole has no idea about real life struggle because he was provided for” (really? by whom? thought we were talking about Cole not Drake)

    that’s like a virgin talkin about how fuckin a girl is when all they’ve ever done is jack off to her picture

  • ???

    Bad credit when you were five? that’s your first thought of urgent stuggle? nikka please you couldnt even spell credit at five bringing up something that only affects you later in life smdh “ay yo man i had bad credit at five it was fucked up couldn’t get a loan or nuthin what bout you ? ” ” Uh just homeless and hungry not as bad as having bad credit at 5 though”

    • If you dont know what I ‘m talking about by having bad credit when I was five, then your EXACTLY the type of insignificant person in cole’s audience. His life story is not similar to mine or anyone who had to fend for themselves, so you proved my point.

  • Berklee

    u diggy’s!!! wow

  • Boss

    Lol, haters are funny! 217k first week! platinum single, grammy nom. and they still hate? yall haters always gonna be apethically about evryone

  • issa

    if u don’t like it then u obviously just jump on the cole wagon …..never understand y none fans always got something to say

  • slowbot10


    u can’t be serious dude….yea his story may not equal up to yours and you may not be able to relate but to say he has no experience of life beyond that of a middle class college kid is nuts….
    -growing up without his father
    -mother on crack most of his high school years
    -dirt broke majority of childhood
    -7k debt with his landlord who contiuned to let him stay only because he believed he would make it in the rap game
    -working part time nickel and diming post college with a degree for 4 yrs shooting for a record deal

    hey it may not compare to your life but that some life experience in my book…and this is stuff that was revealed in the music…im pretty sure that he was been through alot of shyt tha the hasn’t spoke on…Have u not listened to “I get up”…”Lost Ones” “Hold it down” “Dollar and a Dream 1-3″..”Breakdown”???

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