• ColoradoKnight

    AP: You receive a free pair of skinny jeans and a do it yourself tattoo kit when you purchase a copy of “Careless World”.

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    So he’s gonna bite WTT for his album cover, then bite the GOOD music stage for his tour?? YMCMB stays original.

  • Truth.

    congrats for finally gettin outta that “coconut juice” shadow. but you still gon flop. get money, doe.

  • Kunta Kente

    Tyga Careless World CDs got recalled by Target, Best Buy, and Walmart the day his album came out. His first week sales are gonna be fucked up. This nigga losing.

  • @Truth.

    Lmao! Never would’ve imagined that he’d outshine his cousin Trav eventually.

  • Jaymals

    Tyga secretly want to be Kanye’s new Amber Rose. He bites Ye’s fashion style, from the 3.1 jackets to the leather and gold chains and accessorizes.

  • Positive Vibe

    @WHO WHAT.. dont think its a coincident, they are trying to scope out fans from WWT.. i mean now instead of listening to Kanye, YM fans will go for Tyga. Its all marketing…

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