• Your mother’s “friend”

    Meh beat sounds like a knock off early 2000 Swizz

  • Oh Boy

    Good track but don’t like MGK

    Can DMX bring back realness and hardcore to hip hop cause this wack soft fake shit cant go on for much longer

  • times10

    I Don’t Like

  • DMX is finished LMAOOO
    MGK is garbage as hell.

  • Vodka

    Yeah, DMX is finished…..

  • Michale

    Yo everybody in here say this shit to DMX face. He still got it, hot fire shit here. He straight up and will always be one of the real-ist niggas on this planet. Prob fuck your bitch if she walk his way. Shit got me up and dancing with my boyfriend so fuck y’all! GaYSxE4LYFE

  • your niggaz some fucken haters …The Lyrics where on point an beat different

  • dmann

    Shit was nice……quit hating

  • Bigg John

    this is a clyde carson song… called in da club ft. the game from like 5 years ago

  • Diablo90

    Yap this is a Clyde Carson beat!!

  • Real Deal

    Sounds dusty as fuck

  • pratik ghoose

    wack as fuck

  • Your Father

    Wow, this song is old as fuck.
    @Diablo90 is right.
    This was a Clyde Carson record with Sean Kingston.
    X can’t be serious.

  • DMX

    Big up DMX!!


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  • kriz

    beat sucks

  • Ghost

    I like MGK but this here is garbage. This beat is ass. Hook is terrible.

  • LoverofHipHop

    Wow I can’t believe what I just heard. Coming from being a big DMX fan this shit here is disappointing to listen to. I’m an old head and love seeing some of our hiphop heroes try to make a comeback.

    BUT where the fuck is the quality control at? You mean to tell me NOBODY in his camp could pull him to the side and say this is subpar and does not need to be released? The whole shit sounded dated as fuck.

    Damn X, where were your dogs at? Your true teammates who can keep it funky w/you and let you know this right here is not it.

  • HK

    they needed a better beat

  • kenneth

    men this song is tight,dmx and mgk killed it wating for the video, fuck what every hater is saying this song is a 100% no questions, MGK badboy DMX ruff ryder great song

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  • teamobama

    someone tell dmx this is 2012 and not 2002 lol shit garbage

  • Person