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  • David

    Damn…he look sober as fuck. damn.

  • PAP

    theres hope in the rap game after all…

  • swag demon

    dis nigga is 2 funny doe
    #top 5

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This might be the best breakfast club interview. Charlamagne should be BANNED from radio for comparing William to B.I.G. smh. Charlamagne said William is lyrical lmao. DMX telling the TRUTH about William & Drake hahahaha.

  • http://www.myspace.com/inzite damm

    real sjit Charlanagne is funny ross only looks like big dude tals bull sjit even do the music aint bad x sad it right

  • http://bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/ LEATHER-N-GOLD


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I bet you Drake & William stans are going crazy over DMX comments#Truthhurts

  • PAP

    “you eat, you smoke alot, got a maybach, aston martins….ok talk bout some other shit…I’m not impressed” I’ve been sayin this bout Ross since 09. DMX’s opinion > MTV’s rap panel

  • Bres

    Man this my dog! He is just sayin the truth

  • http://twitter.com/loch121 loch121

    X is a likable dude no matter what he does.Hope he stays free.Good interview.I know Charlamagne was dying to crack a crack joke.Def Jam’s 90’s roster needs an album.never happen.X is a funny nigga for the Jay Z president shit.What had happened was LOL.X don’t like Jeez, never did.Damn he shitted on Ross.X is a comedian..X shitted on Drake for real.Great interview
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s



    “I AM HIP HOP”

  • Kemosabi

    I can’t get the link on my phone any recap of what x is saying?

  • Digga C

    HE sold millions of millions of albums without having to change his style of music or sell out to anything.
    DMX kept hip hop hard..now hip hop is soft as f*ck…

  • ZePequeno

    X is, along with Pac, the realest ever.

  • ZePequeno

    X is comparable to Pac in a lot of ways. He shoud’ve been Jay’s real competition. BIG vs. Pac is very relatable to a Jay vs. X.

  • http://twitter.com/jayoconn jayoconn

    shout out to X for Keeping it REAL throughout the whole thing. if that new album is bangin, i will support

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    X is too real way too many jems in this interview

  • Peekay

    real talk. Ross’ content is way too limited. Cars, jewelry, cash. Gets kinda boring after a while.

  • No Yeezy

    at First I was like damn…DMX looks like that old dude who used to do it. and now he is bragging about his past, like Yeezy said, those “Al Bundy” stories.

    But he had me crackin up, what he said about Ross and Drake, lol

    But Charlanagne had a point, it’s okay to say something is whack.

    I love Drake, But I feel what X was saying, lol funny

  • Black Shady

    The legend X has spoken : Cole is one of the N-I-C-E-S-T!!!!!!!

    and went the fuck innnnnn on Drake LOL!!!

  • Black Shady

    oh…and I definitely wants some Angela Yee. theres something about her…

  • ???

    Lmfao oh shit my nikka X wheeeeerrrrreeee myyyy dooooogggggsss atttt!!! damn made me go pull up It’s Dark and Hell is Hot nah son hilarious you can’t say he’s hatin if one cat you can’t say is hatin is X it’s just the dog’s opinion strait to the point with no politcs or mercy lol the only thing that would make this better is a response pllllleeeeeeaaassse respond pleaaaase do it let X off his leash

  • shellz

    Nobody wana here this dude bark, growl, & pray on every record! This crack head is limited himself! The truth is X is a washed up bitter rapper!! LMAO!!

  • teamobama

    x your days over you old hater lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @shellz & teamobama aka “Drake groupies”. Go do what Drake is doing right now. Go cry about it and then go make a song.

  • ???

    Ok drake groupies say what you want like I said I hope Drake enters the Wishaniggawoods and responds so that the X finds him and…

  • Get Real

    Honestly X is over and his latest feature w/ MGK proves it. That being said, he didn’t strike me as a bitter old rapper in this interview. Instead he struck me as an individual who spoke his mind instead of following the Jay-Z code of silence/political gibberish that is often spewed in interviews by our favorite artist when asked tough questions.

    Does anybody remember when rap interviews were actually on point? When the host could be objective and ask questions to the artist w/o the artist going into bitch mode? Does anyone remember when a host didn’t have to dick ride (Funkmaster Flex) to get a halfway decent interview? Well if you do, you will be able to appreciate this interview that much more. Yes X is washed, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still keep it real in an interview when asked a question.

  • Cheaa..

    DMX was telling his truth. He dont like them so what….I know plenty of dudes who dont like Drake sweet booty self and Ross the correctional officer fraudulent

  • shellz

    @zoomzoomdad-otis eat a dick stfu & keep my name out of ur mouth!!

  • Kemosabi

    It’s the old code honor or dishonor if you will. He let common slide and now it’s open season on him now that he didn’t reply. The vets know it. secondly, I read a vibe article when X came out where he said he thought about signing w MMG and how he respects Ross. Maybe he was high when he said that?

  • kayandgee

    he was right about drake , i dont know about rozay, a little bitter maybe,hes one of the few really goin hard with their music, that was one for rozays non lovers tho

  • http://www.joshestes.com yesssir

    kids under 18 everywhere are going to be putting on their armor to go to war for Drake.

  • fuk waka

    recognize a legend when you see one!

  • ColoradoKnight

    He didn’t sound bitter. Old? Jay is a year older than X. Washed up? Maybe in the eyes of the skinny jean, Tyga loving suburbanites. 95% of “rappers” these days are gimmicks. Swag this, swag that, and swagger on the moon etc? Go swag yourself to death somewhere else. DMX created his own lane, period. Never made records because it was what was hot at that time. His opinion regarding Drake and the officer is what 3/4 of the game would say if they actually spoke their mind. Watch how many hurt feelings fly b/c of his Jeezy, Drake, and officer responses. What people DON’T understand is that Hip Hop needs people like DMX.

  • Oh Boy




  • http://hotnewhiphop.com/punchovader Puncho F.u. Ent

    “You think I give a fuck about a red light? These faggot ass cops can’t see me. I’m out here smoking weed, speeding, all that. That’s me. Untouchable.” Dmx Forvever

  • mk

    U can call him old and bitter. He still more legendary than them niggas hahaha. U can laugh at that

  • Scrilla

    Who is this nigga? Trying to get some shine by dissing the top rappers out right now

  • Donn


    DMX is that nigga man. I have every X album. He doesn’t have to like certain artists, that’s his choice, I feel comfortable playing Drake and Ross right after DMX. I like all them niggas honestly. I respect X for being real.

  • Das

    X foreva! Glad that he is BACK!!!!

  • no name


  • M.T

    lol best interview ive seen in a while.

  • jesus

    DMX is a real dude .. funny dude but he tells it how it is no b.s & cmon everyone knows rick ross & drake are wack as hell… X is a legend and he will always be respected as top dog !!! X -RATED!!!!! RUFF RYDERS WE BACKK

  • scaredmoneydontmakenomoney

    “are you addicted to sex?”
    “i got 10 kids what you think?”

  • Collar Cali

    X is a legend & he’s extremely funny. Even if he never drops again he’ll still be respected at his best. Do I believe he’s sober? No. And i’m glad he’s honest, but he definitely is like ADD, ADHA or Bi-polar.

  • http://K1ngEljay.com k1ngeljay

    Best interview ever. No diss, YN.


    Yo, YN, get DMX for the next issue! #Respect

  • CaliSteppin

    This interview has quotes for days.. X is real and as dope as they will ever come. Not surprised he doesn’t like drake and thinks Cole is dope. Real recognize real!

  • http://RAPRADAR.COM pray 4 hip hop

    i swear to god i feal the same way bout Drake & Ross ,especially DRAKE he dont look hip hop he dont sound hip hop ……. Ross ass got served to i got this i got that Dmx says Good 4 u HAHAHAHA
    REAL DOG BITE BITCH DOG BE LIKE aight aight aight

  • Deeeee

    this nigga jus said his 10 kids are result of broken condoms lmao

  • Shade

    Charlemange just lights up whenever anyone mentions Drake…haha

    DMX though….son….go back to jail

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Vax

    The kid Drake dont bother people but ya so negative towards him.As for Ross hes feeding hes family and families but ya dont see that as positive.Dmx wount return to hes 90s dominance.Jayz is a coperate thug hes playing chess thats why hes been around longer thats just business.protect your intrests get a lawyer ya know ya drop outs and read Thesource only why dont ya have kawyers. Jcole is nice. Life is good dropping soon

  • CJF

    can some1 define the term “lyrical” to Charlamagne?!

  • http://www.youtube.com/jhuntdaprodigy JHP

    I still fux with Ross & Drake, but this interview was funny AF though, on the real

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  • County Of Kings

    i swear to god some of yall commenters are the stupidest i’ve ever read ever. smfh
    so this nigga can make a thousand dumbass decisions but he keeps it real tho? crack addict, constantly in jail, claims to be the dogg lover but goes to jail for abandoning dogs in a house for months, has a shit load of kids that he reportedly doesnt take care of, reckless driving, impersonating an officer and going to jail for that too, claiming to become a priest when he gets out of jail. but if he spits an insult of two he the realest?????
    theres is a reason why jayz dont mention rappers he dont like at all interviews, because theres a bunch of fans that feel u only doin it for fame and bog hits. so we understand we want your honest opinion, but thanks to 50cent if u honestly dont like a rapper it seems like u doin it for the media so its better than just keep it to yourself than to build fame off another rapper name.

    if i had to choose between being a REAL NIGGA like x, with all his troubles i would rather be drake. its not even close

  • County Of Kings

    and on top of that x is by far THE MOST EMOTIONAL RAPPER I’VE EVER SEEN. so to not like drake sounds stupid to me. if anything a rapper like dmx that is so real should cosign drake for being true to himself despite what ppl think of him.

    i see comments saying drake gonna go cry. i bet my paycheck dmx has cried more times on stage and on record than drake has. i’ve seen dmx cry several times. i dont call him soft, its real shit. but i bet u if drake prayed on stage, cried on stage, yall would be screaming how soft he is. i’m not a big drake fan but the fact that he not trying to be hard and be gangsta i can appreciate that, cuz we all know EVERYBODY IS NOT GANGSTA so i’m glad he dont pretend to be gangsta.

    i see comments talkin bout jayz fucked over meth and redman also? cuz you woulda bout they albums right? shut the fuck up with that shit, when jayz took over dmx washed up, method man washed up, redman washed up, foxy brown washed up, scarface done recording.

    ghostface dropped 2 albums, he traded dmx and scarface for nas, good move. the roots dropped 2 albums. yall niggas specialize in talkin shit u know nothing about dumb ass bloggers

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  • teamobama

    dmx it’s over bor stick a fork in it and stop hating and jay-z is not the reason why your career is over you are the reason why your career over

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  • Trump

    DMX is back check the Mix tape on Datpiff.com

  • Chris Masters

    This nigga said Jeezy…WOOOOOW! That comment just discredited EVERYTHING he said prior to.

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