• WOW……i wonder what happened between Dre and Big Boy. Miss the OUtkast I knew. But solo should be dope.

    Hey guys, if you enjoy some energetic kind of busta rhymes style hip hop. Check me out:

    People say my voice is unlistenable, and i suck and all that. I’ve been rapping 18 years and battling too……trust me….you can’t hurt my feelings. Like it or don’t. HA!

  • Cheaa..

    so what happened with him and Big???? no more Outkast …smh thats a bummer.. but still cant wait to hear 3stacks on the track with his originality …the game need that!!!!

  • ECU

    can’t wait

  • Collar Cali

    Yes! I need some new 3Stacks in my life!

  • UH OH!

  • Jay

    This is both sad and exciting at the same time…

  • 3 Stacks is the Greatest….he’s Outgrown Outkast and Big Boi. The Love Below is the ONLY reason their double album went platinum…Big Boi rushed speakerboxx to keep up and because of label obligation. I got much love for Big Boi but he just doesnt pull me in the way 3K does and would only hold Andre back at this point….like he says he’s 36 and they been doing this since high school…you can tell from their styles and lyrical content they grown to be very different people, doesnt mean they not cool, or broke up, outkast has just ran its course as a duo…I prefer a solo album from 3 stacks… @ABlackTV <—follow me

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  • ddave

    YES!!! As long as he doesn’t take the Minaj route and go pop on us. If he just raps his ass off the whole album then YES!!!

  • imTravi

    Really kinda disappointed that there are no plans for an OutKast album, but I am still a bit excited about 3K’s solo.

  • wow

    Funny how people are excited. But gonna get pissed when he goes pop. Becuz remember his hits are pop.

  • Why does everybody say “pop” like that shit is a bad thing??? You don’t like “popular” things??? lol…ya’ll didn’t fuck wit Hey Ya???? Just let music be music b……all this eliteism is f*ckin odd yo

  • Black Shady

    Andre is one lazy mufucka……talented…but lazy. He’s just like Kiss

  • HOVA

    He should come out with “The Love Below: Part II”

  • Damn, im saying though Dre, no Outkast album planned but a solo joint is? Fuck outta here man, the south needs to stay together. Nigga i bought all those albums just to see this happen? At least Goodie Mob tryna get they shit together, but we still need to here You and Big on that shit and thats real. Shit make me wanna slap my baby momma -_-

  • The Nicca


  • Reno


  • The Nicca


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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This makes me question his relationship status with big boi. A new Outkast album is needed right now.

  • i know niggaz can’t wait i just hope he deliver a hip hop album i mean he can have influences from other genres but a overall hip hop album

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    You Think He’s Dumb?
    If He Said a Outkast Album Is Coming Soon It Won’t Be a Big Deal Since He Announced He’s Solo.

  • Andre 3000

    Don’t forget to pick up your Gillette ProGlide Fusion Styler in a store near you!

  • 3staaakkks

    atliens !!!!!!!!

  • 3staaakkks

    2?? please…

  • 4life

    Hell yeah 3 stacks for senator one who can be paid from the right but helps the left. Class act.

  • MJ

    Man, I feel like a kid that really wanted something, but my parents said I couldn’t have it. Bummed…

  • oj da Cornball

    This dude makes weird music, mostly. And cats be acting like he King Solomon on the mic.

    He spits ok, but come on, son he not that great. I think people like to agree with certain opinions based on who says it, cause of that persons “reverence,” so they make it must to repeat opinions.

    Like one said, this is gonna be few pop records and weird stuff.

    In fact, Cee-Lo is his stand in and been doing the same crap.

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    FUCK YES . solo , not solo . im taking it .

  • clos1881

    I dont care if he sings or raps that love below is classic I just want music,but im not getting my hopes up I have heard this countless times from him.

  • Larry

    If this is the official end then Outkast goes down as perhaps the greatest duo in hiphop history: smart, funky, lyrical, innovative, fun.

  • Truthkicker

    Outkast and Mobb Deep are the best duo’s in hip hop history!

  • Berklee


  • Swaglikemoi

    Come on you can’t finish on idlewild…your both working on solos, double album it again! One of only 5 hip hop albums to ever go diamond. perfect formular!

  • Numbers

    pop isnt short for popular first of all and second of all, we are here as Hip Hop fans

  • uh….. Does Pop stand for “Possibly. Oversaturated. Percussion”…..or maybe “People. Oddly. Purpatratin”…………….what the fuck do you mean Pop doesn’t stand for ‘POP’ular music???

    POP-MUSIC……music that the masses might enjoy. More than you and 12 cats that never buy albums wit bookbags complaining about how ‘that ain’t hip hop’, but wouldn’t put 10 down on a Ghost album, a Mos album, a C Rayz album….to save your lives. U mad at ‘hip hop dying’ tho.

    People enjoy pop music….people enjoy super uptight hip hop joints too. Just let music be, and you’d probably be happier with your selection. You stay narrow-minded wit this Eliteist New-Age hip hop attitude and you’ll be a nagging old man. Like your parents were.

  • Jager


  • franky knucles

    he killed it on the “walk it out remix”

  • Boom

    Black Shady says:
    Friday, February 24 2012 at 1:17 PM EST
    “Andre is one lazy mufucka

  • Aloe Crack

    Andre 3000 is now bigger than Big Boi and MUCH bigger than Outkast or the Dungeon Familiy. He is a succesful rapper/singer/actor… I don`t think there will be another Outkast album ever as long as Andre 3k stays on top. I mean he doesn`t need Big Boi anymore plus they are totally different. Its sad because I am a huge Outkast Fan myself, especially from “ATLiens” and “Aquemini”, but Outkast is dead and people have to accept it……

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