• Lenny Green Classic New York Radio …cant front on that

  • Vodka

    Limp Bizkit are finished.

  • Frontrunner

    I agree with Vodka, I don’t understand the economics of signing has beens…plus Cash Money has never been the type of label to release multiple artists per months. I’m hoping for the best…

  • The Guy


  • Whats the deal with labels signing old has beens. Mystikal, Juicy J, and now Limp Bizkit?

  • Donn

    Has beens? Busta’s a has been? Ashanti’s a has been? Do u hear how u guys sound. So I guess if Rakim wanted to drop an album he’d be a has been too right? Smh, these ppl still have fan bases. A few hundred thousand copies pushed is a good way to make a living on top of touring and doing shows. What else is their for a musician to do but make music. Not everyone in the game is JayZ


    smh damn buss…

  • missedgyc

    Why don’t they sign young artists instead of all these wasted talent dudes???


  • kill bobby brown

    wow next there going to sign bobby brown

  • urrrr

    yea kill bobby brown

  • OZ

    pause [II] @ that photo

  • Tucq

    Co-sign DONN

  • slick

    oh shit ymcmb just signed das efx and shabba ranks

  • Yeaboiii

    You look at that photo and tell me these are not has beens…

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Co sign Donn(smh) this is a good move for all involved especially when you consider the same kids buying Lil Wayne albums would be the same kids buying Limp bizkit records 10 years ago

  • Yeah I agree with Donn. Just because your not on the radio or aren’t on TV doesn’t mean you aren’t making a good living making and performing music. Which none of that applies to these acts because they still have dedicated fan bases, tour and sell hundreds of thousands of records.






  • Dream On

    what is this 98?

  • Cali760

    Limp Bizkit has been finished since Eminem ended their career

  • Dustin

    Don’t be so sure. They probably have a plan. Think about it, if Lil Wayne hadn’t of come up the way he did Cash Money would be in the same situation as Limp Bizkit is now.

  • pap

    Weezy got himself a new rock n roll ghost writer

  • Dustin

    Has beens

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    limp bizkit is a bunch of pussys .

  • @Donn: If you think Mystikal and Ashanti arent has beens then you’re out of your mind. Rakim consistenly comes out with music, so does Busta. Last time i heard Mystikal and ashanti was like 12 years ago.

  • Collar Cali

    OMG… This can’t be real… Really?
    Limp Bizkit? I’m not even when Say this is yet another money pit. Now Travis Barker & Blink 182 that’s a deal. I’m sorry but I don’t say this much & honestly it’s not me but Limp Bizkit is WASHED UP! I’ll eat my words if I’m wrong, but they have that Rudolph dude that actually popped off & now what????

  • Cali is Active

    Hip hop fans generally make way bigger deals out of random signings than is warranted. Rap fans are used to looking at labels as “crews”. Little rap imprints that last maybe 4 or 5 years then disappear once their run is over. Cash Money, nearly two decades in the game, has long since moved passed that however. Although they’re a privately owned independent label, they’re arguably the peers of any major label in the business today. They’re dominating the industry on par with outfits like Interscope and Island Def Jam, just take a look at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and look at how many placements YMCMB have.

    I say that to say this, the moment you start looking at Cash Money for what it is now…a dominant proper label in this industry…is the moment things like this make sense. Had Limp Bizkit signed to some random division of Sony or Interscope, no one would blink an eye. Labels typically sign dozens of acts every year. If they garner a buzz they get a release date and an album. If not, any money spent on them can be considered a business expense and wrote off in tax breaks.

  • Black Shady

    LMAO! im just gonna laugh at that….

  • submitcomment

    Slipknot would eat them.

  • Dynasty

    They’ll probably be able to sell about as many records as Yelawolf did for the new and improved Shady Records 2.0 hahaha

  • Keith

    Nice. Good for Limp Bizkit and Cash Money. I think Fred Durst is a lot smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. Go out and watch the film The Education of Charlie Banks, which Durst directed.

  • tbd1983

    I’m suprised that Kiss FM allowed this interview to happen and that Wayne is promiting a “rock act” on an r&b program


    Ridiculous…….. fuck i hate this shit

  • lmao ymcmb are signing anybody right now… kinda crazy

  • Big Mo

    Who sells more:

    Flabby and sick “has beens” Limp Bizkit


    boring Life long “never was’s” Slaughter House?

  • yes i fucking love it, limp bizkit are rap-rock-metal ledgends and this is going to be huge!

  • What? me nah

    You a fool if you cant see the potential millions in this signing. Cash Money is now an equivalent of Def Jam Records… “talking about baby money, i got your baby money”. Jay Z is being taken out with Stunna, i know they also signed Ashanti to come after Beyonce’s fanbase… damn

  • Y U MAD

    I used to question YMCMB signing until Tyga’s album came out.. these niggas develop artist for real. Now Tyga finna looking like a don, his growth shocked me.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis




  • BlackNation

    Late Breaking News: Cash Money just signed the “Who U Finna Try” dude to a 10 album deal

  • wow

    I think what birdamn is doing is great. The more artist you sign the more artist that could potentially pop off..doesn’t mean all the artist on the label are gonna drop albums but your giving everyone in opportunity

  • OMG DAWG. These niggas is taking over the world with this shit. DAMN!

  • Guess What

    Are they serious with this? Answer this question: where is Jae Millz? *sips juice*

  • lll

    And Fred Durst is still claiming he’s not a sell-out, lol!

  • Idiott Wilson

    Fuck yeah Limp Bizkit rules!!

  • haha

    he still alive?

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    You Do Know Whenever You Sign a Contract Your Giving At Least a Mill Upfront As a Signing Bonus..

  • Da fuck

    For people saying limp bizkit are not has beens: in 2000 they sold a million in one week. In 2011 they dropped an album and sold 60,000 copies. If that doesn’t scream has been, I’m not sure what would. Limp bizkit is dead, and this was a terrible business move.

  • Finally Famous

    Cash Money is now the powerhouse of hip hop. And If Eminem signed Slaughterhouse.. niggas who cant even move 30k units, then this surely isnt a bad investment. Remember the money is off tour… so Stunna puts him on tour, the label is straight.

  • Yo700zz

    You need to be business savvy to understand the label signings.Its all about the bottom line(net income). You dont need to be hot like Adele to get signed, damn these dummies!!! Just a following behind you is enough to spark a dollar, be it on tour, features and guest event appearances. There already have Lil Wayne Drake and Nicki for a huge pull… these are just acts to get more fans and money. Read a book please, im a business student and i did a case study on Music Business.

  • God damn, this shit is getting hilarious. YMCMB just oozes mediocrity. Seriously, how many has been artists are you gonna sign? Is MIKE JONES next? YMCMB and Lil GAYne are garbage.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • SickWidIt

    i know they also signed Ashanti to come after Beyonce

  • Acapella

    The FUCK?!?!?

  • BK

    So Buss was cool posing in a photo that looks like Fred Durst is giving him backshots?





  • Wow

    you guys are trippin. Did anyone hear Limp Bizkits last album?? That shit was clean. Sounded like exactly where they left off. As a rap fans i understand why people would be upset but cmon this is a genius move business wise. There tryin to expand into a major label and thats dope. This deal works out in the benefit of both parties.

  • JayMoneySmooth

    YMCMB is a movement right now; y’all dumbasses are stupid. Their bringing hiphop to the radio!

  • Alex

    Fuck Limp Bizkit are terrible.

  • GrimGenius

    Donn had the smartest comment on here.

  • Cash Money only FUCKING with them to corner the Alternative Market with artist like Kevin Rudolph & Jay Sean

  • Berklee

    Idk if Durst can rock out like he did 10-12 yrs ago. he signed some pretty successful bands back then though… goodluck! YMCMB is compiling a pretty versatile roster. Interested in seeing what YMCMB does with Limp Bizkit. Hope there aren’t too many Weezy collabs tho.

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Bet Jay Signs Cold Play He Always One Ups These Niggas

  • EddieNashton

    I can tell everybody that has commented is young. A few years ago Cash Money did the same thing. Went on a signing rampage. From Mack 10, TQ, Teena Marie, Major Figgas, Boo & Gotti and even Tha Dogg Pound. What happened? The label imploded. The Hot Boys rode out, the man who built the label Mannie Fresh dipped and the ONLY thing Cash Money had left was Lil Wayne. Birdman can’t run a label. History has proven it. This is why Bow Wow hasn’t capitalized off his signing, Cool & Dre are absolutely nowhere, and Mystikal hasn’t dropped anything yet and Kevin Rudolph is……exactly. These signings are almost not thought out. And please Mr. Business student, point out that Cash Money and Young Money Records are two different labels. Lil Wayne is a CASH MONEY artist, not a Young Money artist. Young Money has the success with Nicki, Drake, Tyga (the first signee). Cash Money STILL only has Wayne.

  • The Guy



  • jake

    if you think limp bizkits a has been check out some of their shows they’ve done recently in europe..the rockamring show had more limp fans than you’ve ever seen in your life…they still have quite the buzz going on in other parts of the world. interscope just kinda shitted on them and didn’t promote gold cobra at all..you can’t tell me shotgun shouldn’t have been a major hit if it was promoted the right way.

  • Edwin

    Ni99as is crazy

  • 8UWIN

    Oh shit YMCMB just signed the Baha Men….who let the dogs ouuuutttt

  • JayMoneySmooth

    All I hear is niggas complaining, and Young Money is a branch from Cash Money. Drake and Lil Wayne had two of the biggest selling albums last year. With Drake putting Kendrick Lamar on Marvins Room and Wayne putting Tech N9ne on one of his songs. I mean people who don’t know about these “underground” artists are hearing them from YMCMB albums. Show respect where its needed and stop fuckin’ hating!

  • GetEm

    Donn says:
    Friday, February 24 2012 at 8:59 AM EST

    Has beens? Busta

  • fuck it

    This is a bad investment? how. I guess now you only sign a hot rapper selling millions. if you’re not selling, you aint no rapper or artist to sign… [email protected] niggas’ thinking.

  • Koma

    This is funny.

    All you saying this is a good business move don’t realize how few people care about limp bizkit, they still won’t sell albums.

    All this does is keep cash money in the news because weezy on his way out and the young money kids ain’t drawing the kinda fans they were a year or so ago.

  • jake

    lol everyone talking so much shit about limp bizkit and people not caring about them anymore…they definitely lost some momentum when the band broke up for a while but they’ve sold more albums than most of your favorite rappers can ever dream of. these guys have sold somewhere between 30 and 40 million..thats almost jay z numbers. they rock bigger crowds in germany than we could ever dream of putting together. the last concert that big was woodstock 99 and well…that was all about limp bizkit back then too lol like i said gold cobra didn’t do well because rock music has lost a lot of its place with all this horse shit club music and interscope never even promoted the album the slightest bit. most limp bizkit fans didn’t even know the cd came out… i still talk to people from time to time who are limp fans but don’t read about them on the internet and they had no idea because no store posters, no tv, radio, nothing. interscope ruins its own artists. i hate cash money and every ignorant dumbass thing they stand for but they won’t change the sound of limp bizkit, nobody can and this will be a good way to get them more exposure again.

  • Berklee

    ^calmate, son. the fuck does cash money/ymcmb/weezy/birdy/slim know about making/mixing/micing/recording/producing/marketing a rock album anyway?

  • Thatguy

    @ EddieNashton
    you are so wrong its hilarious. haha you dont know a thing about young money cash money. PRESIDENT CARTER – YOUNG MONEY DEMOCRAT those are lyrics my nigga, from one of waynes songs, he owns ymcmb. he owns young money cash money, it used to be just cash money, but he took over after everyone else left out, and he made it his own thing, and hes killing with it, and whoever is saying they are about to drop and JayZ is about to rise… get ready to eat your words foreal. JayZ is falling. HARD in the last 2 years wayne hasnt dropped half the stuff he had before and has way more fans than JayZ does. Think about it… rollin around… who do you hear listenin to JayZ? nobody. in the club is JayZ playin? Nope. Wayne? yup, yup, yup. Drake? yup. Nikki? yup. they are all over and he is about to do/try somethin new with Limp Bizkit. and it might work it might not. but either way. YMCM is on top, and is gonna stay there till someone assasinates Lil Wayne, cause thats the only way your gonna stop him. they’re the best foreal. and whoever says otherwise is obviously highly uninformed and blind to the music world.