so good to see X and Swizz on stage together.

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  • http://twitter.com/loch121 loch121

    Man for any person who thinks X is a wrap this is proof he is still a good artist.he got hits and ppl really love him.X has been X’s biggest issue.he’s so hip hop though
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s

  • JMillionaire


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  • http://www.realhiphopdaily.com Biz

    X is back!!

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  • http://twitter.com/thereuareeffie Stephanie

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! That’s my new favorite line.

  • Rick Ross


  • productofme_com

    show was dope. X got joints for days. wish he would have gone deeper into the Its Dark and Flesh of my Flesh catalogue but I really can’t complain. that was one of the most energetic, heartfelt performances ive seen in a min.

    and for once, NYC didnt act too cute to rock with an artist. the crowd was live as hell

  • Digga C

    So happy for hip hop right now.
    DMX always goes hard, His performance with SWIZZ on BET 2011 was monster…x1000

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  • SmokeYou

    X has so many hits.

  • http://twitter.com/lenstrom Kiley

    Smiling from ear-to-ear!

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  • Mr. G

    X has Classics!!! He is not back! He hasnt put out any dope shit since those classics!!

  • JUNI


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  • Donn

    Good to see the dogg back at it. I think we can all agree that X has classics but the question is, if your good as ppl say you are or were than you can do it again. I wanna see X put out some heat rock. Cus it’s obvious ppl will still rock wit him if he just puts out good music. Get with some dope producers, do some collabos with some new school artists to remind the newer generation who you are. And keep it rocking. X is the mann

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    FUCKING CLOWNS on stage who want attention….like you’re fucking up the show for the audience, we dont wanna see your bum ass distracting the show like get the fuck outta there you dumb fuck, no one is there to see you asshole. I FUCKING HATE those people.

  • the great zeee

    more photos form the show can be seen here http://www.thegreatzeee.com/tgzblog/?p=1493#

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  • http://www.ovatronics.com Arrogant

    DMX looks really into it.. Follow me @therealarrogant

    Hot New West Coast Hundred On Ya Head Ft RickyRozay via #soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/arrogant-1/hundred-on-ya-head-ft?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=http://soundcloud.com/arrogant-1/hundred-on-ya-head-ft

  • Yeah

    Co sign @ Tim Lee VA Stand Up says:
    Friday, February 24 2012 at 5:24 PM

    I was there and a bunch of bummy muthafuckas standing on side of the stage blocking the view. Who are these derelicts?! And tht nigga with smelly dreadlocks running around with a flip cam.

  • nahayo

    welcome MR DMX, i am tired of this fake hiphop, when i see KANYE, DRAKE… LIL WAYNE, T.I… i want to cry, even JAY-Z sold our music, we no longer own this music at all.

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  • Mel

    Come on back X!! You just what hip hop needs right now!!

  • GetEm

    X still got it…I can guarantee him and swizz will be cooking up some shit

  • franky knucles

    This is the 2nd time i smiled like a mofo this week !!! first was dmx interview with envy and now this live show killing it with an energy that would make any rapper out now feel ashamed for their lazy ass performances.. but wtf with that entourage, nigga move yo ass of the stage.

  • franky knucles

    had to see this 3 times in a row..

  • http://rapradar ACE

    LOL@ X doing the old-school harlem shake, but nobody can deny this dude still got great energy and stage presence, he still rusty in the booth tho, but this dude can just do shows or get on the road and open up for somebody and make paper that way

  • huey p newton is the best

    Yeah one of the best old school rappers…really good albums

    The kids should be listen to this instead of watch your back throne

  • mappzman

    fuck this cock sucker, sweating all-over, shows he’s on coke,I like his past music but he’s sold out for real, punk.

  • franky knucles

    mappzan eat a dick dude, you’re hating on the expression of an art form you really don’t understand..

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  • Sir Fariku

    I m happy to see DMX making a comeback. Almost brings tears to my eyes. I really want DMX to succeed so bad. I grew up on DMX.