J.Cole At NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

Heads up! With the NBA All-Star Weekend underway in Orlando, J.Cole participated in the celebrity game tonight. While on a fast break, he caught an alley hoop from comedian Kevin Hart. After the jump, he blocks Common’s easy lay-up. Remember this?


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  • M.T

    hahaha common got rejected. That dunk was nasty. #Cole World

  • Mel

    He fouled the sh*t outta Common……and then hugged up on him like “don’t diss me bro….” Somebody gonna caption that pic lol

  • turff

    I swear cole was the only dude that was having fun, the rest were super-focused! Except for Kevin Hart LMAO

  • Word

    Cole was garbage most of the game but he made up for it a little bit with these plays lol. The dude missed SEVERAL easy lay ups. Im like, thank GOD you chose rap instead cuz you cant hoop as good as I thought. Or maybe he just better at 1-on-1.

  • Donn

    LOL, I heard ppl were going in on J Cole on Twitter lol
    I don’t know what was happening. All I read was the tweets #DamnJCole

  • the void

    after all those basketball themed mixtapes, hes actually bad at bball.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Cole was happy as fuck he caught that. But I can see why he quit hoopin for rap. its still a COLE WORLD!

  • TheTruthIs…

    Common about to catch feelings over that block…

  • Loaded

    Common gon diss Cole now after he blocked him. You know how salty that nigga is. lmaoo

  • Word

    It went from “Damn J Cole” cuz he sucked, to “Damn J cole” cuz he dunked on that alley oop.

  • Kunta Kente

    Next album Cole World: I’ll Stick To Playing Horse

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Watch all the hating ass niggas even hate on the way he hoop in a celebrity game. What he ain’t find his own lane cuz Lebron and Blake Griffen caught alley’s first. lol.. Cole World

  • Wale

    How come Rick Ross didn’t play?


    [email protected] GREG MONROE TROLLING JOHN WALL


    Wale says:
    Friday, February 24 2012 at 11:18 PM EST

    How come Rick Ross didn

  • Black Shady


  • The Truth

    @cole death How come you don’t pay child support for ugly ass daughter?

  • Former Bad Boy Employee

    J. Cole was the white kid who always got pick last in pick up games as a kid.

  • haters will be haters

    Nba players miss layups

  • Ha! J. Cole got sum bounce!

  • Drugz

    Lmao cole is garbage, fuck outta here with sideline stories nigga you suppose to be on the bench as a 12th option, nigga on his mixtapes crying about not being a starter

  • Maura

    Haha, how fun!! Wish I would have been there! Check out Usher’s beautiful new single entitled

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  • NotoriousRambo.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    It was a celebrity all-star game people think people. J. Cole caught that pass from Kevin Hart was nice. Kevin Hart got ejected lmao.

  • ddave

    Wow. A lot of y’all with negative comments. But as soon as he puts out a fire track folks are ready to dick ride again. SMH. Be happy for the kid catching the alley-oop.

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    Kevin Hart went ham in this game .


    The Truth says:
    Friday, February 24 2012 at 11:50 PM EST

    @cole death How come you don

  • JHP

    Fuck yall niggas man, it’s still a Cole World Bitch!!!!! Common salty now, he gon’ make a Sweet 2 dissing Cole, and Cole gon’ respond back like “Bitch I stopped you, from shooting in the gym” with Drizzy on deck lol

  • Edwin

    I still can’t believe Kevin Hart got the MVP, Duncan Went In, Kevin’s the man tho

  • J.Cole


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