Curren$y & Styles P #The1st28 Cover

Just what the doctor prescribed. Spitta Andretti and SP The Ghost are pairing up for a joint project on February 28th and here’s the official artwork. This one should be good.

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  • jtm


  • B.itch K.iller James

    Sounds like a great idea!

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  • FTW

    Two of my favorite spittas of all time.



    oh shit.

  • WHYYY this nigga styles p?

    He gonna fuck up every song…gangsta rap is dead!

  • smh

    @young SKATE god….go fucking skate n roller blade n leave music to the ppl who do it.
    I can bet this mixtape is gonna be flawless…..Currensy puts out damn near 10 a year sometimes n they all be fire, n Style is the hardest out….but I know some ppl like @SKATE would rather listen to love ballads by drake.
    everything aint for everybody…if it dont apply, let it fly!!

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  • smv


  • That nigga wrote a paragraph hahaha

  • aaf703

    yes! cant wait

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  • shaedaghost

    spitter n ghost boiii!!!

  • Alex

    Fuck Curren$y has been so consistent and put out so much music in the past 2 years.

  • Chan

    Shits a little old man. We get it you smoke a ton of weed but do you really need to make that the only subject you talk about. Shits lame dude. Might be cool to a 15 year old. I dig styles p but the weed shit is getting old Curren$y. I think you would have record deal by now if you could broaden your scope a little. Pilot Talk was a classic but everything after that seems redundant.

  • @Chan… Curren$y’s sign to Warner Bros, plus he has his own little record label. The man’s just rhyming about his life.

  • jtm

    @Chan its not all about weed… if you spoke the pilot talk you would know that

  • Curren$y

    Nice cover!!

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  • RB

    more smoking music

  • BrainDrain

    styles p! i never though these two would collab let alone a full project.