• UnkutOnline

    mini-drake. fail

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  • Khalifa


  • Good Song…. Gotta stay smoking.. Follow me @therealarrogant

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  • Trill

    wtf is this bullshit?

  • mrbigshot
  • yo

    this kid is bad.

  • Yeah

    There’s no way he can last, this nigga is a walking fad. Once these fads plays out so will his career. I don’t know how he made it this far… But yeah.

  • This nigga is garbage don’t be giving this shit any promotion. This kid will stay underground and throwing out shitty mixtapes thats it. He be looking like a wannabee tyga haha

  • kenny

    funny how all u dumb fucks are hating on him. he isn’t even releasing any more mixtapes he has an album coming out this spring. fucking retard. no1 cares what your black monkey ass thinks

  • The song sucks because there no originality. First impressions are a lot, and he showed that he’s not original by taking The original song’s harmony and things. thats lame.

  • Derek

    wiz khalifa knock off.

  • He ate the nigga beat.

  • Midwest

    Kid Ink is so real, and for all of you do some research, this was a freestyle he did, which he killed, he’s one of the best coming up right now, I’ve been following this dude since the beginning and if you had as much hard word and dedication as he did maybe you’d be where he is, so instead of hating on him support him because he isn’t going away anytime soon.

    • You cant write a freestyle, young man. This is a rap, if you want to be any more specific than that, the song could be a remix.

  • mac DIESEL


    …..”That’s not hip-hop, that’s somethin’ else” – GURU from Gangstarr


  • Midwest

    It’s a freestyle he wanted to do for fun because he hardly ever does them. That’s why he got on this beat. So no need to argue anymore on this fellas, just enjoy the music!

    • Not a freestyle freestyles are not written.

  • HK

    don’t really like this type of stuff but can’t front this song ain’t bad