French Montana Debut LP Release Date

Rick Ross took to Twitter to announce the release date of July 17 for French Montana’s debut album, Excuse My French.

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  • Poetic Assasin

    Got 4 months to get a solid single out

  • Gambino

    Because Pardon My French doesn’t sound better…dumbasses

  • low-low

    Owww shit frenchie is coming with album after 3000 mixtapes you know this is gonna be wack just because he signed with badboy

  • RespectTheGame

    Cafe been there 3 years and French gets release date after 3 months. cafe is done. MGK next up.

  • Drugz

    Damn fina fuckin lly frenchie, should be dope if he fuckin with harry fraud and dame grease beats.

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  • Kunta Kente

    This is just set up to be failure. 12K first week.

  • NoSoup4Yu

    meanwhile KRIT sits on the shelf…

  • Crack-Spitta

    I can’t wait to NOT listen to this.

  • JustMyOpinion

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……finally something to prop-up my computer desk with.

  • Scrilla

    No one cares….this nigga is trash and so is the rest of MMG

  • Brooklyn

    Why release a album that nobody will remember in a year. Stick to mixtapes.

  • Steeze

    Damn look at all the nerds hate smh if you do get off your computer and go outside and interact with people you would know dude is the hottest out right now. 12k maybe for big krit, or kendrick lamar lame virgin nerds

  • Former Bad Boy Records

    @Steeze Hottest nigga out? You must be a 34 year bum in the Bronx with baggy jeans, Reebok Allen Iverson Jersey, and Tims on drinking quarter waters praying street music makes a come back. French Montana got less talent than Waka. He had one hot beat and a catchy hook peformed by someone else. Who the fuck wants to hear a full album from this clown?

  • Free Max B!!


    ross dont got an album out doe… so these dates mean nothing

  • M.T

    “Damn look at all the nerds hate smh if you do get off your computer and go outside and interact with people you would know dude is the hottest out right now.”
    lol french montana fans are so delusional. French montana is garbage and this album will flop.

  • Edwin

    Album will definitely flip, not even 100k first week.

  • HipHopNation

    Diddy dropped Cafe? He been with diddy since 09 and no album. French got an album already and only been with Diddy since this past December. French do have more buzz than Cafe though. Smart biz move for Diddy.

  • belize

    Hope he got a hot max collab in d stash

  • LowDownDirtyShame

    So when does Red Cafe’s album drop? Neveruary smh! French just got there and he coming and Red Cafe been there forever and he will be Aasim.

  • bry from boston


  • Blood Gang

    must b a bunch of white boys comment on this site. Check out black twitter everybody loves frenchie!

  • Guess What

    Let’s see how long this lasts. Bad Boy is done as a label.

  • Berklee

    waste of money/time. obvious this dude’s fans don’t buy albums. diddy u killin’ me. sign some talent or hire some better a&rs. holla!

  • Chan

    Hell yeah. Montana is that dude. Hopefully it will be tight. I know French is really dope but Diddy ruins every artist he signs with his stupid production and remixes. The shot caller remix was god awful. We get it Diddy you made the song all about the benjamins 20 years ago. cool. let it go. French should have signed exclusively with Ross. I hate Rick Ross but at least he gives his artist a little more freewill and creativity unlike Diddy who tries to fuck with everything. Anyway cool new. MONTANA!

  • its gone be a coo album.. Follow me @TheRealArrogant

    Hot New West Coast!!!! Ya Dig!!! “Above It All, Lil Wayne Remix” by Arrogant via #soundcloud

  • yoboi

    IMO Frenchi is dope. i like he’s sound.

  • morrow rossanna

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  • #NotHatingJustSaying

    best French rapper is Fat Boy French.

  • bj

    fuck montana. complete garbage ass nigga.