• okay

    so because the club in new york was hip enough to come up with a cool acronym for the name of their club, one of a kind (1OAK), some rapper decided to also take the name. what happened to hip hop? it used to be fun and creative, now it’s too self aware, everybody is too busy doing their makeup

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  • tdf

    the girl in this video is soooooo broke

  • P Bateman

    short’s videos just keep getting progressively more and more awkward LOL

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  • Too $hort


    Are you targeting Japanese market?

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  • Crew Love

    can’ believe women play in in vids like these..
    its a f up world we live in

  • Dam the bride is on everyone at the party.. LoL.. Follow me @TherealArrogant

    Hot New West Coast!!! Kush http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/arrogant-rickyrozay-tdubblebaby-kush-song.169097.html via @HotNewHipHop RT!