Young Guru On “Paris vs. Poorest”

DJ Young Guru’s back from his birthday celebration this past weekend and had to get some things off his chest. Firing up his web cam, Guru responded to the alumniroundup article on The Throne’s “Niggas In Paris” vs. Mos Def’s “Niggas In Poorest”. As always, Mr. Keaton makes excellent points.

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  • Trini

    Guru does it again *applause *

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  • holla at guru, he’s is right, the def.

  • Dude comes correct, but he looks a little stressed. He should hit Finnerty’s near Union Sq if he lives in NYC. Two-dollar drafts, as I recall. Third one free if you tip on the first two.

  • phraynkhp

    this is way i love guru

  • yASIIN YASIIN tell the truth through is version but again jay and ye just showing you how far niggas can take it…TWO SIDES OF THE COIN.

  • senyo_twilight

    a fitting moniker.

  • Big Mo

    We need a Young Guru vs. KRS-1: Battle of the Noses story…Guru got that ancient stone megalith nose and all that

  • If you like Young Guru, I think you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It is a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives in the context of a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

  • wickwickwack


  • HOVA

    Damn it took homie 10 minutes to tell us the difference between the significance in “Niggas in Paris” and “Niggas in Poorest” LMAO

  • omag5

    Well said. I agree 100%. only bad thing is the ignorant ppl that will soon make comments.

  • check it out

    I love it when @speakersmusic say just gimme that bass! on @lastcallcd

  • Sealey

    “How many people do you employ”!!!!!! What more can I sayyyyyyyy (mic hits the ground)

  • YN is A D*** Rider

    Guru got that YN NOSE lmaoooooooooooo

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Hova you “spoke” exactly where i was going with my comment.
    This guy is starting to irritate me, in the beginning it was cool, now I realize he just talks SLOW and think he’s intelligent.

  • glock9

    ayo this nigga sound stupid…balance? balance? fucka balance nigga if u rich and niggas out here aint…give a fuck who u is, i’m coming for yo neck if u eating and i aint…ole fucked up teeth ass nigga

  • Crew Love

    @HoVA & @JUstMyShittyOpinion

    GTFOH trying to sound smart.

  • L4U

    Good job

  • Peekay

    well said, but no song should be played more than once at any concert.

  • Yea i feel the same way.. its not a dis.. Follow me @therealarrogant

    Hot New West Coast!!!! Shorty Wanna by Arrogant via @HotNewHipHop RT!

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  • Brutally Honest

    Great Observation

  • FTW

    Let’s be clear, the government could have helped Garvey and subsidize the Black Star Lines personally ushering African-Americans back to Africa. But…the government chose to destroy Garvey’s corporation and a movement that honestly would have gotten many Africans out of the U.S. Why? The first African American to work for the intelligence agency was a mole in Garvey’s organization. So don’t blame me blame your fucking government. This whole place feels like a trap, if you ask me…

    But…I agree, Mos has been taking well places shots at Jay since day one.


  • Really wise, insightful words. Very sharp historical perspective. I clearly see why he’s so valued by Jay-Z.

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  • DollasDoe

    That good Ole Howard University Education!

  • Ben_Dover

    Lex Lugers father?

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  • hip hop is dead

    right on

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  • biggiesmalls

    Mod Def thinks that guilty verdict for cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal is racist – what more proof you need to know his retard? Who would listen to anything he has to say.

    And 50k dollars is a lot of money – people in many countries dont make even quarter of that. And you consider this poor?
    All this bitches crying in rich countries – whatever America, France, Belgium – come and live in real economical shitholes! Where you make 3 dollars and hour and consider this decent pay!

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