• fuk waka

    remember when Jae Millz turned the xxl cover down since his head was too big?? where is he now?

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  • i feel like why not be reconized for anything you do.. I would have took it.. Hands Down… Follow me @TheRealArrogant

    West Coast Banger!!!! Hunnit on ur Head ft RickyRozay / Rick Ross http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/arrogant-rickyrozay-tdubblebaby-hunnit-on-ur-head-ft-rickyrozay-rick-ross-song.634265.html via @HotNewHipHop RT!

  • never turn the cover down it can give you major exposure

  • Your Father

    I can see where he’s coming from, though.
    That shit doesn’t hold much weight these days and it really creates unrealistic expectations for everyone.
    The majority of them never pop off.

  • JDK

    Dumb move in turning it down if you ask me. Never turn down publicity. Maybe if he would of accepted the offer, he would of turned into a house hold name instead of the no name he is now.

  • urrrr

    XXL sucks anyway chip

  • damn

    yall hating on the nigga for not being on the cover even though the cover was full of wack mc’s and niggas whos label paid for them to be on there. by saying he turned down the cover that gives him exposure in itself, plus this nigga better than half the cover and i think this nigga is boring as hell nice track though

  • bj

    Dope ass hat, anyone know where I can get that?

  • Hetal
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  • Gambino

    Yeah, cause you deserved it. You dropped one mixtape this year and that’s it.

  • Chris

    This joint goes…

  • Young lucci fan base

    @ chip whatever the fuck your name is. ” you turned down being on the xxl freshman list was foolish who ever is the ” hottest ” 5 on that list is an instant millionaire!!

  • Third Eye

    Fuck all these Hip Hop, “urban” magazines owned by whites. Hip Hop Veterans don’t have no money but all these white parasites eat from Black culture. And fuck white owned Hip Hop labels too.

  • He sounds a little bitter talking about the girl, slandering her and then creditting her. The mix wasnt tight. Doesnt take much to turn up a track. Dont like how sounds like Veggies stays trying to sound like ye and jz. Guess the college kid rappers dont have much originality.

  • PWR

    By the looks of it, a lot of people must of snubbed XXL..