• Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lol Is That a Fuckin Bear ..

  • Stunna

    Inbetween fat is not a good look he either needa slim down or eat more lol MONTANA

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  • dub trey

    this song had the potential to be great

  • amg

    he gettin dat arab money. same thing happened to khaled look at his old videos with fat joe used to be skinny.

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  • that bear is changing my life

  • Whitepower

    french killed it.

  • CALifornian


  • BrainDrain

    -1 respect for this guy wearing a bear pelt/fur/coat whatever…
    thats not fly, thats just stupid and ignorant.

  • teamobama

    this guy looks like a clown with that bear smh lol

  • Jay aShe

    MY MUSIC IS BETTER! No diss!

  • I was just going to comment on Montana’s bear until I heard Jay a shea’s song. J- you are garbage. Sounds like you muffle you voice because you dont want anyone to hear what you say. You suck, and you post your song link on a top rap site, you are stupid. Get some game and click my name (superior rap for superior people). dont be spiteful, become a fan.

  • Joe Nasty

    haha Amaya with the pun

  • la

    @Jay ashe

    Dont give up your dreams! but live in reality you both suck dick!

    • No way you heard my song, I’m super dope. dont be ridiculous, follower.

  • Atleast be realistic. Not a possibility you could listen to me and say I’m not dope. You may not like this exclusive content (and there’s a reason for that), still no way you say I cant rap. I’m extremely dope.

  • Alex

    No way near as good as Blakes bear coat from Workaholics.

  • this dude is a fkn idiot … His IQ gotta be like 4 son fo real…

  • juju0190

    why does he have the dead pooh bear on his head?

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