• veesky


  • Mike

    this has too be a no id beat. I know those drums anywhere lol.

  • Donn

    Sonny like Liston? Really????

    Shoulda put somebody else on this cus Cole never shines on features like this. No quotables at all in this.

  • mack

    how many times do I have to see this cover on this site?? smh

  • huey p newton is the best

    Unfortunatly the person who uploaded this mixed the left+right in center position so two mono tracks
    that’s creates a center ave.diff of -90 ouch.

  • Lamin

    @donn you have a problem with that line and you probably a wanye fan. C’mon Son. that a solid verse by todays standard. Cole kills many of his features, this just happens to one of them.

  • Bx Slime

    Dope song, the beat knocks and Melanie is very talented. @Donn I actually thought his verse was on point, this is one of Cole’s better features compared to some of his old features. “Know its deep when girl of his dreams is the same one that wakes em up”

  • Donn

    Bx Slime

    That line was dope to you????

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  • Tommy Hotstep

    As a huge Cole fan I gotta say that feature was just decent. He need to bring the energy and charisma like Ye, Luda, and Rozay bring to they features or at least be quotable like weezy (even if they dumbass quotes)

  • Bx Slime

    I found it dope tbh, hey it’s preference I guess since there are people out there that may like even the worst lines on C4 lol. But yeah this pretty much goes for any rapper, being able to kill these features is huge for your career. (like dude said^ Luda made it a big-part of his career)

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Remember When People Said J.Cole Was The Next Nas.?


  • KoldCase

    Cole still nice

  • flawda

    lol at quotables on a r and b feature, if you don’t sit your hiphop nerd tail down

  • Black Shady

    quotables???? its a fuckin rnb feature…what did u expect? multis and metaphors? fuck outta here


  • sounds like I heard the rap before, and not in the way of a groundbreaking hit. Cole’s way overrated. If casey veggies had ended up with a Jay-Z co-sign, he’d be a grammy nominee too. Dont forget tyler creator won an mtv award, yet to be a superstar in music.

  • beat is outstanding…

  • Lamin

    @advercity Is funny how the initial criticism was Jay wasn’t ridin with him enough ( Pause). That he some how lacks his support. After a successful album, Tour, grammy nom, and a pair of platinum singles, now the haters claim he got a push from Jay. Is OK to hate, but at least be consistent. This nigger built a movement primarily on his own and set his own standards musically. You don’t have to like the music, but respect a nigger who did it the right way.

    • Regardless of what you say, anybody who has a Jay-z co-sign is going to sell. Cole’s overrated and his raps are extra regular. right way or not, he’s not a phenom, a couple of radio hits. Shelf life four years- tops.

  • dll32

    Nice track +1

  • Digga C

    Beat is cray

  • RnB feature verses are never really astounding to me no matter who it is.LOL he dissed Bill Bellamy.Cole’s verse was cool.It wasn’t ground breaking,but still good.

  • robw

    sick beat. J Cole has a decent feature.

  • Andrew

    this is hot!!!! i’m a huge Melanie fan and a big Cole fan. they sound phenomenal together on this record. can’t wait for MF Life to drop!

  • bleek

    casey veggies sucks d*ck

  • B.I.G sean DON!!

    j. cole went in nd melanie sexy ass hell good collab

  • This is mos def a single. This sound like this could’ve easily been on Cole album.

    Check out the Tony Montana #Beastmix right here!!!

  • She is a Cutie tho.. Follow me @TheRealArrogant!!!!

    New West Coast!!!! Rap Niggas Aint Shit To Me by Arrogant via #soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/arrogant-1

  • Word

    Yall just tryna find any excuse to write Cole off. I dunno why the hate. Theres WORSE dudes that yall should be hating on but dont. French, Lil B, etc etc etc. Yet yall chose to hate on a dude that rap bout real shit and none of that skinny jeans shit. Yall just must be some skinny jean wearing niggas I guess.