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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Wtf? Why is everybody going solo??? Juicy J, Bizzare from D12, Andre 3000, now 8Ball! Wtf!

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  • Jay aShe


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  • Chan

    Cool shit. 8ball and MJG are imo the best rap duo of all time. They are great together but have both made very good solo effects as well. can’t wait for this mixtape. Its amazing for two artist to remain consistent and real after so many years in the game. Stay real and stay true. Good real music will always last. That is exact what these guys do. They make real music. 8ball is a real g. He spits straight game. No bullshit no fronting. Real shit.

  • This shit is hard as fuck.ball is a legend.beat knocking too.This shit go.I wonder if he’s still w/ Tip?This banging
    Redman and Loch collab coming soon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zQpkq3fH_s

  • Ball always come with something. Him, Snoop, Devin & Jada got the smoothest flow

    Check out the Tony Montana #Beastmix right here!!!